5 Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking to add a touch of fall to your home decor?  Do you want the fall feel without putting out a bunch of money?  Take a look at our simple fall home decor ideas!

Simple Fall Home Decor-Fall themed throw pillow with fleece blanket

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1. Easy Centerpiece

Simple Fall Home Decor-Wood slab with decorative mini-pumpkins, twinkle lights, and leftover faux flowers

This centerpiece is so simple to make that it did not require step by step instructions!   It’s amazing how easy it can be to create some whimsical fall home decor.

You can purchase a wooden slab from your local craft store and place decorative pumpkins on top.  I found these small decorative pumpkins at the dollar store.  These are solid- wood perhaps?  In either case, they look exactly like the ones you find at nicer stores.

I threw on a string of twinkle lights and hid the battery pack with leftover flowers from my Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece!

2. Throws and Pillows

Simple Fall Home Decor-Fall themed throw pillow with fleece blanket

I like to keep neutral color furniture so that I can easily swap out accent colors and seasonal decor in my house.  Using decorative pillows and throws are a prime example.

Here, I picked up a decorative beaded pumpkin pillow.  I threw a nice warm fleece blanket with a leaf print on it.  Viola!  Instant fall home decor feel in this corner of my living room.

3. Decorative Candle Holders

I used a few different types of decorative candle holders.  I don’t always use them for candles either!

In the first example, I purchased a fall themed mini-wreath.  I placed the candle holder inside the wreath.  Boom!  All done!

Simple Fall Home Decor-Candle within mini-wreath

My second example includes the use of pumpkin-shaped candle holders.  I use one for the intended purpose as shown.  I placed a flower inside the orange pumpkin candle holder.  That’s it!

I also love using fun coasters on the table.

Simple Fall Home Decor-Candle holder with flower and bird coaster

4. Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

I have a different post dedicated to this Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece.  I have provided a link to the tutorial to keep this post short.  This centerpiece is easy to make and worth the trouble.  It looks even more beautiful in person.

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

5. Floral Bucket Arrangement

This fall floral arrangement is so easy! I made this one in less than five minutes.  Find a link to our Easy DIY Floral Bucket  tutorial here.

Simple Fall Home Decor-Completed floral pot

We hope that this post has inspired you to bring a touch of fall to your own home!

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