America’s Family Pet Expo: A Pet Lover’s Paradise!

America’s Family Pet Expo is a great experience for pet lovers and their families!  There is so much to see and enjoy at this family-friendly event.  Read on for our experience at the Pet Expo at OC Fairgrounds!

America's Family Pet Expo: A Pet Lover's Paradise!

We received complimentary tickets from America’s Family Pet Expo in exchange for our written review of our experience.  All opinions expressed in this post our honest and my own.

 My family headed out to the OC Fair Grounds today to experience America’s Family Pet Expo.  This was our first time heading out to the Pet Expo and we were not sure what to expect.  We brought Mr. Jackson along for the ride because dogs are welcome at the event this year!

Owners must purchase a separate ticket for their dog.  Be sure to read the rules for bringing your dog to ensure that your pet meets all requirements!  You can find them HERE.

Dogs, Reptiles, and Spiders, Oh My!

There were SO MANY ANIMALS to see!  Honestly, if you are a pet person, you will absolutely love walking around.  Well, maybe not the spider part.  Guys, I’m terrified of spiders.  See exhibit A…reptiles at America's Family Pet Expo

Tarantula at America's Family Pet Expo

I think most people assume that they will only see cats and dogs at America’s Family Pet Expo.  Not so!  There was a pretty thorough display of reptiles in one of the buildings.  You could even buy these guys!  There were tons…I am only showing you a handful in these pictures.

There were lizards and snakes:

reptiles at America's Family Pet Expo

America's Family Pet Expo: A Pet Lover's Paradise!

There was also a building filled with aquatic supplies and creatures.  I personally loved the Kids Aquarium Contest Display!

Aquatics section at America's Family Pet Expo

America's Family Pet Expo: A Pet Lover's Paradise

Kid's Aquarium Contest at America's Family Pet Expo

Entertainment at the expo

America’s Family and Pet Expo has some pet-centric entertainment and booths on-going throughout the day.

Some of the interactive entertainment opportunities include:

  • Pictures with wolves! For a $5 donation, you can take a picture with a wolf.  I was very tempted, but Jackson was not happy with the prospect of me taking that picture 😉

    America's Family Pet Expo: A Pet Lover's Paradise
    Meet a wolf!
  • There is an enclosed butterfly tent in which you can walk inside and find yourself surrounded by butterflies!Butterfly walk through at America's Family Pet Expo
  • Little ones can ride on ponies or enter a petting zoo.Pony rides at America's Family Pet Expo

Did I mention that this petting zoo even had some llamas?Petting Zoo at America's Family Pet ExpoLlama at America's Family Pet Expo

  • Your dog can run through the Dog Lure course and burn off some energy! It was so fun to watch the dogs chase after something and see the pure joy in their faces while doing it!  Jackson preferred to watch the younger pups from the sidelines.  This is free and does not require training.Dog Lure at OC Pet Expo

Sit back and relax entertainment includes:

  • Watching IAmMoshow The Cat Rapper do his thing! He loves ALL cats and even encourages the audience to adopt.  Be sure to get a picture with IAmMoshow The Cat Rapper during his meet and greet times inside the cat adoption building!America's Family Pet Expo: A Pet Lover's Paradise!
  • Stunt Dogs is an exciting opportunity to watch dogs that have been rescued perform amazing stunts! I couldn’t get enough of these adorable dogs!  Jackson seemed to enjoy watching the show as well 😀Dog Stunts at America's Family Pet ExpoDog stunts at America's Family Pet ExpoAmerica's Family Pet Expo: A Pet Lover's Paradise!
  • Splash Dogs at the Family Pet Expo. These adorable dogs partake in dock jumping.  It was so neat to see them jump in the water like it was no big deal.  So unlike Jackson, who has to be forced into the bath.
  • Aquatic Touch Tank! The kids can get up close and personal with some animals at the touch tank.  Kids can touch marine life such as sea stars and urchins!Touch tank at America's Family Pet Expo

Pet Adoption

Pet adoption was a major theme of America’s Family Pet Expo!  There was a big building dedicated to both dog AND cat adoptions!  I personally found the number of organizations and volunteers working to get dogs and cats adopted heartwarming.  It was very clear that they work hard to make these dogs and cats comfortable so that they will be more likely to get adopted by a loving family.  Kudos to them!Dog adoption at America's Family Pet Expo

If you are looking to adopt a pet and provide them with a loving forever home, please be sure to check out the pet adoption areas at America’s Family Pet Expo!


I absolutely LOVE that the Pet Expo is striving to educate people that come out to the OC Fairgrounds.

Head over to “The Lab” and you will have the opportunity to interact directly with pet brands and learn about new technology.

I took advantage of the “Talk to a vet” booth to ask a few questions about Mr. Jackson!  The vet listened to my concerns and even did a quick check of Jackson.  She gave me some good advice and armed me with some great information and questions to bring up to my vet at home."Ask a vet" at America's Family Pet Expo

The Kids’ Pet Care Course is near the pet adoption buildings and will educate your kids about how to be a good pet owner!  Kids ages 6-12 will even earn a certificate showing that they have officially learned how to take care of their furry loved ones.

Retail Opportunities

There was an alley of booths with fun and innovative products!  There were suits to help with shedding, embroidered collars, sunscreen for your dog’s nose, and more!

One of the products that caught my eye was a product that you can use when taking your dog out and about with you!  I look forward to sharing more about it soon!

My Pet Pail at America's Family Pet Expo

Quick Tips

  • Bring cash for parking. Parking at the OC Fairgrounds is $9
  • If you plan on bringing your dog, read the rules first! There are several requirements your dog must meet before he/she can enter.
  • Be aware: Your dog will NOT be able to enter all areas! Jackson was unable to enter pet adoption areas.  This makes sense as adoptable pets are often in crates or behind a fence.  They would likely find this very stressful.
  • Bring water for your pet! There is a lot to see and therefore a lot of walking.  It was also warm and Mr. Jackson was thankful we had water available for him.
  • Bring cash for opportunities that are not included with admission. This includes things such as the petting zoo, butterfly walk-through, and pony rides.
  • If you plan on eating, be sure to bring some cash with you for food as well. There are fair-style food vendors at America’s Family Pet Expo.  The hubby was jealous of people with the giant turkey legs 😉Food at the OC Pet Expo

Quick Facts:

  • America’s Family Pet Expo Website HERE
  • Address: OC Fair & Event Center, 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, California 92626.Lara Scott and Asocalwayoflife at America's Family Pet Expo

Enjoy your visit to America’s Family Pet Expo this weekend!  Please be sure to share pictures with us if you attend.

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