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Beach Etiquette 101

What?!  There’s beach etiquette?  Yes my friends, yes there is.  Take a seat and review our quick primer, aka Beach Etiquette 101.  This is a short read that will make sure everyone at the beach has a great time.

Don’t plop down right in front of someone.

If you go to the beach often, you probably know what I’m talking about.  You find a great spot and put everything into place.  Ten minutes later, a big group comes and decides to park it just a foot or two directly in front of you.  Ugh.

Busy Beach- Beach Etiquette 101
Photo credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We all want a good view of the ocean and our group in the water.  There are plenty of spots to be had.  Just be courteous and don’t sit directly in front of someone.  If you need to, walk a few extra feet.  You’re at the beach after all!

Don’t blast your music assuming that others want to hear it.

love to have music on at all times.  It just makes everything more enjoyable.  I love playing my favorite music at the beach too.

Couples dancing on the beach-Beach Etiquette 101
Photo credit: Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

So trust me when I say…not everyone wants to listen to music, or has the same taste in music that you do.  Practice good beach etiquette and only play the music so that your party can hear.  If you don’t, you might end up next to someone like me that will blast her own music to drown yours out.

Look after your kids.

It’s common sense at the beach of course.  But I’m talking about not having your kids run circles around all other beach goers that are sitting in the sand.  Trust me, nobody will thank you for the sand in their eyes and mouth.  If you don’t mind it, have the kids run around your blanket.  Sorry, not sorry!

Kid kicking up sand-Beach Etiquette 101
Photo credit: Xavier Mouton on Unsplash

Pick up your trash and put it in a bin.

Keep our beaches and oceans clean.  Everyone wins!

Try not to boogie board toward swimmers.

Sometimes, you can’t help it when a wave propels you toward the coastline.  We recommend that you try your best to control the direction you aim for so that you don’t take anyone out.

Throw with caution.

A very common beach etiquette blunder involves play time at the beach.  If you’re going to throw around a football, etc., try to do it a good distance away from other beach-goers.  It’s kind of hard for everyone to relax at the beach if they’re worried they’ll get hit on the head with a ball.

Playing ball on the beach-Beach Etiquette 101
Photo credit: Lochie Blanch on Unsplash

Don’t be a pig parker!

Don’t sit at a metered parking spot for hours to stare at the ocean and not even put cash in the meter. Those spots are at a premium!  Also, be sure that you only take up one spot.

Have you watched that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm?  You know, the one with the pig parker?  Yeah, that’s where I got this from 😉

If you’re a pedestrian:

Don’t walk on and block the bike lanes! It’s not safe for anybody involved. There are designated bike and walking areas. Use them!

If you’re a cyclist:

Please make pedestrians aware that you are coming.  Sometimes, people are crossing the path and honestly don’t see you.  Also, show some grace to the mom pushing a stroller. Sometimes those strollers take up a lot of space and they are doing their best to navigate the walkway.  If there are two moms on an early morning stroll side by side, again, give them notice with a bell ring to give them time to move. For some, this is the only time of day they get both exercise and adult companionship.

Keep that umbrella in it’s place!

Really try to anchor in that umbrella well! Until I discovered our current beach umbrella, I had a hard time anchoring it in the sand….and it would fly away into the ocean nearly hitting other beach-goers along the way.  Guilty as charged.

Cocktail umbrellas on the beach-Beach Etiquette 101
Photo credit: Kevin Borrill on Unsplash

That’s it!  You are now a graduate of Beach Etiquette 101 😉

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