BJ’s Brewhouse Woodland Hills: Good Food with Friends

I recently headed out to BJ’s Brewhouse in Woodland Hills to meet up for some good food with friends.  Sometimes you just need to hang out with friends.  Am I right?

Whether you are meeting up with old friends or new ones, one thing is always essential for a successful girl’s day out: Good food!  We were invited to brunch at BJ’s  Restaurant and Brewhouse in Woodland Hills.  The food served did NOT disappoint!

This is a sponsored post.  BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Woodland Hills provided complimentary food in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

I got together with gals from the Los Angeles Mommy Blogger Tribe (LAMBT) this past weekend.  We met up to share tips that have helped us on our own individual blogging journeys.  Some gals I had already met in person, while others were only internet pals up until that meeting.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Woodland Hills kindly provided us with a brunch to enjoy while brainstorming and chatting the afternoon away.  We all huddled around a table of delicious appetizers and entrees to share.

Naturally, a big table full of food combined with a bunch of bloggers leads to…a food photo shoot.  I wonder what others in the restaurant were thinking when they saw this spectacle 😉

The Meal

We all huddled around two big tables to share our food family style.  The kitchen at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Woodland Hills brought out delicious plates of food.  We each sampled the platters so that we could share our thoughts about each dish with you.


The first item to come out of the kitchen was the Best Beginnings Appetizer Combo.  This delicious platter of classic appetizer favorites included Sriracha Wings with a root beer glaze, mozzarella sticks, spinach and artichoke dip, and Avocado Eggrolls.

My personal favorite was the Avocado Eggrolls!  This one was a table favorite and was gone in a flash.

The second appetizer platter was Loaded Nacho with Tri Tip.  This beauty is made with corn tortilla chips and a cheesy blend of Sriracha queso, Jack, and Cheddar.  Yum!!!  The chips are topped off with fresh guacamole,  pico de gallo, fire roasted salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos.

I did not personally get to taste the loaded nachos.  I just can’t do jalapeno ;/  Also, I was too busy devouring the Avocado Eggrolls 😉  But I can tell you that the other ladies were definitely enjoying this nacho platter!


I stuck with good ole’ water since I had to drive home.  However, some ladies carpooled and ordered drinks that looked like vacation in a glass.

The drinks you see throughout the pictures in this post include:

  • Ultimate Patron Margarita
  • Sparkling Sangria
  • Pink Cadillac
  • Strawberry Mojito (I want to try this one!)
  • Taster Set of BJ’s Beers: Lightswitch Lager, Hefeweizen, and Oasis


We continued our meal by sharing entrees family style.  Isn’t that the best?  You get to try a little of everything 😉

My favorites

Two items stood out as my absolute favorites: Kale Brussel Salad and the New Bistro Burger.

The Kale Brussel Salad at BJ’s Brewhouse in Woodland Hills is a nice salad to eat alone or to pair as a side with other entrees.  This salad is sweet without being overpowering.  The cheese and roasted brussels sprouts in the salad counterbalance the sweetness of the strawberry vinaigrette and fruits.  The salad is made up of baby kale with roasted brussels sprouts, crispy romaine, chopped red onions, fresh blueberries, sweet red grapes, dried cranberries with goat cheese crumbles, chopped cucumbers, candied pecans, and toasted pepitas with a Strawberry Vinaigrette.

The NEW Bistro Burger has a few of my favorite items: applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and goat cheese crumbles.  Did I mention that it also has garlic aioli?  We split this burger four ways and let me tell you, this one also went way too fast.  It was mouthwatering!

Ribs and Enlightened Options

There were Baby Back Pork Ribs on the table- one of my absolute favorites!  However, this one went so fast that I didn’t get a taste.  It looked just divine.  Ribs are one of my favorite dinner items and I will likely order one to share with the hubby on my next trip out to BJ’s 😉 BJ’s Brewhouse seasons the ribs with Big Poppa Smokers’ Sweet Money Champion rub and slow roasted overnight.  These babies are slathered with BJ’s Peppered BBQ sauce and comes with your choice of two sides.  Guys…I’m so hungry right now!

There were also menu items from the new ENLIGHTENED menu.  I can personally tell you that these items are delicious and perfect for when you’ve gone out to eat with your friends but don’t want to feel overstuffed.  This menu is full on flavor but leaves you feeling the restaurant not feeling heavy and weighed down.

The ENLIGHTENED menu items served last weekend included the Blackened Chicken with Zucchini Noodles and the Lemon Herb Chicken and Asparagus Zucchini Noodles.  In my opinion, the Blackened Chicken with Zucchini Noodles is a delicious alternative to having a plate of pasta.  The chicken and zucchini noodles are paired with a creamy alfredo and San Marzano marinara sauce, red onions, fire roasted red peppers, with green onions and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.  The Lemon Herb Chicken and Asparagus Zucchini Noodles has my approval with its delicious seasoned artichoke hearts and creamy lemon herb sauce.  This plate of herb roasted chicken breast with asparagus and zucchini noodles is also sprinkled with fresh basil and parmesan cheese.

Kids Plates

We got a sampling of some kids plates and I was shocked to see a plate of shrimp come out.  This plate had shrimp and fruit.  All I could think was, “My kids would love this!”  My girls LOVE shrimp and I rarely see this as an option on the kids menu at restaurants.  I am so pleased that I can order some shrimp off of the kids menu for the girls…while I order myself some ribs.  Haha!

There were also some adorable smiley face chicken nuggets.  I might have to take a couple of those of my kids’ plates if they order these.

Brunch Success!

I was so thankful to share a sunny Sunday afternoon with some of my friends from the LAMBT!  We learned a lot from one another and got to connect on a more personal level.  Delicious food around the table always helps to make a gathering that much more enjoyable.

This get together taught me a few things.  I learned that I’m not the only jokester in the group, and that I’m also not the only one that can be shy at times.  I also got tips on how to expand my audience and focus more on a workplan for my blog.

A big thank you to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Woodland Hills for hosting our gathering!  And of course, to our kind leader Naza of Sweet P and Sky for organizing our get together.

Read more about BJ’s Enlightened Menu from one of my previous visits!

Quick Facts:

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Woodland Hills

Address: 6424 Canoga Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367

BJ’s Menu Items: Can be found HERE.




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