Book Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Are you looking for a book to gift a kid in your life?  Wanting to give a non-toy gift?  Check out our list of book gift ideas for kids of all ages!  I came up with this list based both upon my own experience with my kids at home and seeing what kids at the school library always ask for.  I hope that you find this list helpful!

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Infant through Kindergarten

Where is Baby’s Belly Button?: These lift the flap books are perfect for infants and toddlers.  Babies love the peek-a-boo style of the book and learn basics like, “Where is your eye?”  Adorable book series.

Elmo Board Books: Babies love the pictures on these books and also the lift-the-flap style of these books.  They learn about basic things in the world around them.

Press Here:  This is a very interactive book that gets kids excited to learn about colors.  They also learn how to follow directions!

Mix It Up:  This is by the same author as Press Here.  Kids love this book as well.  This one also focuses on colors, but teaches children about color mixing (i.e.- red and yellow mixed together make orange).

Pigeon Series: These books are so fun!  There are a series of books.  My personal favorites to read are, “The Pigeon Needs A Bath!” and “The Duckling Gets A Cookie?!”  Kids go crazy for books in this series!

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie:  This book is silly, which is what kids love so much about it.  There are a bunch more in the series, but this one was definitely the favored book in my house.

Fancy Nancy Series: What can I say about Fancy Nancy?  She quickly became a household favorite.  Her stories are cute, she teaches your kids a lesson, and she also teaches them “fancy” words along the way.  There are so many books now, but the ones listed here are the ones we decided to keep for future generations.  We decided to gift the rest to the library since we only have so much room 😉

Pinkalicious Series: Similar to Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious is always getting into one mess or another.  Your kids always take away a special lesson by the time the story ends.  There are many Pinkalicious stories, but these were our absolute favorites.

Elephant and Piggy Series: These books are adorable!  These are written by the same author that wrote the Pigeon books.  These are perfect for early readers to practice their reading skills.  The books are funny, which makes them want to keep reading!  There are a bunch of these books.  I will share a link that shows the entire collection here.

 Pete the Cat: This cat is too cool for school!  Kids love this guy.

Creepy Underwear: This is just hilarious.  The kids love it when I read this one at the library.

The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors: It’s funny.  That is all!  But I will say…it’s all in the voices you use when you read it 😉

 The Book with No Pictures: This is a GREAT book to read aloud.  I haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t absolutely love this book.

Younger Kids

These books are definitely for kids that are reading independently.  As with anything, be sure to check out the story lines and make sure you approve of the content.

Magic Tree House Series: This one is very popular among first and second graders.  Each book is an adventure and teaches kids about a different historical event.  There are a TON of these books in the series.  I have linked just a few.  I highly recommend you take a look.

Popup books: These pop-up books are absolutely stunning!  They have incredible images that pop up out of the page.  They are very delicate, so be sure that the child is very responsible or has an adult help them.  These are definitely extra special books.

The Who Was Series: These books are extremely popular.  They are great because they teach kids about important historical figures, events, and locations.  I’ll provide a few examples here.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Another book series where I haven’t met a kid that didn’t like them!  There are also a few movies based on these books.  There are 13 books in this series as of this writing.  I will link the entire set (book 1 through 12) along with the newest book.  Why?  I’m getting lazy, that’s why 😀

Dork Diaries: This is sort of the girly version of diary books.  My kids love these too.  As of this writing, there are 13 books in the series

Roald Dahl Books: These are classics and kids still love them today.

Dog Man: These are by the same author of Captain Underpants.  Kids love these!

Captain Underpants: Does this one require an introduction?  I think not.  However, please note that there are the regular versions (black and white), and the “full-color” versions.  I have linked to the black and white sets here.

Nevergirls Series: A group of friends go to Neverland and interact with Tinkerbell and friends.

Nancy Clancy Series: Fancy Nancy is growing up.  Now your girls can continue to grow with Nancy by reading her chapter books!

The Kicks Book Series: These books are written by soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan.

Goosebumps: These are horror books for kids.  I’m sure you have seen the shows and movies that have come out for them.  There are a ton of books, I linked a set here.

Older Kids (More advanced readers)

Harry Potter Series: I assume that no introduction is needed for this wizard.

Max Crumbly: This one is about a boy in middle school.

Anna Stanszewski Books: My oldest girl loved these books.

Lemony Snicket  Series of Unfortunate Events:

The Treehouse Series (ie.- 13 Story Treehouse):

Unicorn Quest:

101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up:  The kids love this book!  We have been making our way through the list and the kids rate and review each movie.  It’s a fun book!

Can you think of more books that should be on this list?  Please include them below!


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