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Buffalo Check Valentine with Red DIYs

Are you a buffalo check fan?  If so, you’ll want to consider making these super simple buffalo check and red Valentine DIYs for your home!

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Why Buffalo Check Valentine?

The truth is, I’ve become a little obsessed with buffalo check pattern.  I can’t explain it as I’ve always been all about COLOR!  My original plan was to make a Valentine Hot Air Balloon using buffalo check and red, but my family wanted the softer color palette I usually settle for.  I compromised by making the dining room area what they want, and the living room area buffalo check Valentine with red elements 😉

Be sure to check out my Whimsical Valentine’s DIY Hot Air Balloon and Hearts for some more Valentine’s Day DIY inspiration!  You can easily change the colors in the DIYs shared in that post to coordinate with the buffalo check Valentine and red DIY’s in this post.

Whimsical Valentine's DIY Hot Air Balloon and Hearts

Heart Cruiser 2.0

I call this heart cruiser 2.0 because it is a very simple one-step addition to the original Valentine Heart Cruiser DIY I shared last year.  I simply took off the decorative straws from the handlebars and tied a buffalo plaid ribbon around the pot of the bike cruiser.

For details on how to create the Valentine Heart Cruiser (minus the plaid ribbon), check out this post: Valentine Heart Cruiser DIY

DIY Red Love Sign

I picked up an unfinished wood “Love” sign so that I could paint it in any style I want.  In this case, I opted to paint the sign red and add a gold glitter line along the bottom.  I think it pairs beautifully with the Valentine’s Heart Cruiser 2.0!

Supplies needed:

  • Unfinished wooden sign
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Fine gold glitter (I highly recommend Martha Stewart)
  • Glue
  • Foam brush

How to make the sign:

Please note that I recommend painting the sign before applying glitter.  I was scared that the painter’s tape would peel off the paint.  After doing this project, I do not feel this would be a problem.  Also, it’s easier to paint the sign and then add the glitter after.

That being said, I will show you the steps as I did them because that’s what my pictures show 😉

  1. I used painter’s tape to make a clean edge line where I would apply glue, and then glitter.
  2. Shake off excess glitter, then immediately peel off the tape.  You will be left with a clean line.  I think that the sign looks lovely even with unfinished wood.  However, we need the sign to be painted red in this case because you need a pop of color to go with the Buffalo Check Valentine pattern we’re trying to tie together.
  3. After the glitter and glue dried, I took a sheet of paper and taped it to cover up the glitter line.  I then carefully painted all of the unfinished wood with red acrylic paint.  I went back after with a cotton swab to clean up the glitter line and make sure that there is still a clean line.As you can see, it would be easier to paint first, then apply glitter after 😉

Some Suggested Buffalo Check Valentine Decor Pairings…

I used these two items to add to the general Buffalo Check Valentine decor in my living room.  Here are some suggested add-ons to tie everything together.

    1. Add a gnome…or two.  Another thing I’m loving nowadays is gnomes!  I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I personally think they add a fun element to decor.  This year, you can find Valentine theme gnomes in the store.  Here are a few cute gnomes I found on Amazon.
    2. Add some throw pillows in the mix.  I have buffalo check pattern throw pillows on either side of my couch.  I’m also adding in a red heart-shaped throw pillow.  I’ve shared some pillows and pillow covers that look similar to what I have found.
    3. Sprinkle faux flowers around.  I took some small roses and spread them around the living room.  It’s a fun, inexpensive way to bring some Valentine’s ambiance to your home.


I hope you have fun making your buffalo check and red Valentine DIYs!  Crafting is just one fun way to escape the pandemic blues and bring some fun, positive energy into your home.

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