Cancun Resort in Las Vegas: Our Impressions

My family stayed at the Cancun Resort in Las Vegas this past summer.  We will provide our review of the amenities we used during our stay.  Read on for our experience at the Cancun Resort in Las Vegas.

Cancun Resort Vegas Entrance

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The Cancun Resort is a large resort located in South Las Vegas just off of the Las Vegas strip.  We were attracted to the resort because it allowed us to stay in Las Vegas without having to stay right on the strip the entire time.

We also like that there are plenty of food options, pharmacies, and a Target nearby.  When we needed to purchase more sunblock, we just made a run to Target and it was no big deal.

The Cancun Resort Las Vegas is also just down the street from the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets.  These outlets are indoor and have all of the stores that we were interested in.  If you love to shop like we do, you will like this proximity of the outlets to the resort.

You can also take a quick drive to the Town Square Las Vegas.  There is a fun little park area for smaller children.

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Resort Entrance and Lobby

The Cancun Resort building is quite impressive to look at when you are pulling up.  The building is in the shape of a Mayan Pyramid.  The building is so impressive, in fact, that I was unable to get a picture of the entire building.  Nonetheless, here are some shots of the entrance.

Cancun Resort Vegas Lobby Entrance

Cancun Vegas Resort entranceCancun Vegas Resort big stone columns at lobby entranceParking at the Cancun Resort is easy to get in and out of, unlike most casinos.  The concierge also gives a map of the Las Vegas Strip with highlighted casinos where you can park for free.

We were pleasantly surprised that there was not a casino in the lobby.  There was no smoke to deal with, and no gambling in sight.  If that’s your deal, this might be a negative for you.  We personally don’t do much gambling, so it was fine for us.  You are so close to the strip, you can easily take a short drive and go gamble at a local casino.

You can see various decorative touches throughout the hotel and lobby that are in keeping with the theme.Decoration in the Cancun Vegas resort lobbyDecoration in the Cancun Vegas resort lobby

There is an arcade/game room in the Cancun Resort lobby that also contains a Redbox machine.  We loved that there was a Redbox in the lobby and DVD players in the room.  This allowed us to relax in the condo when we all just needed a break.

The Room

The Cancun Resort has 440 smoke-free condos.  We stayed in a one-bedroom condo.

The one-bedroom condo was equipped with plenty of space and amenities to make a family of four comfortable.

The room condo included a master bedroom with king bed, television,closet with safe, and spacious full bathroom.

Master bedroom in Cancun Vegas resortMaster bathroom sinks in Cancun Vegas resortMaster bathroom in Cancun Vegas resort

The living room contained a sofa bed, closet, full bathroom, television, and DVD player.

Sofa bed and closet in living room of Cancun Vegas resortTelevision in living room at Cancun Vegas resortLiving room bathroom in Cancun Vegas resortLiving room bathroom in Cancun Vegas resort

We really liked that we had a separate room.  This ensured that the parents could stay up late and watch television without disturbing the kids.  Also, the kids could watch cartoons in the morning, open the curtains, etc. without (theoretically) waking up the adults.  A win for everybody!

The separate full bathrooms also made it easier for us all to get ready after pool time much faster.  No more sitting around in wet bathing suits waiting for the shower.  Two people can get ready at a time.

The one-bedroom condo at the Cancun Resort Las Vegas also has a kitchen and dining area.Kitchen area in cancun vegas resortKitchen in cancun vegas resortCancun resort in vegas dining area

There were utensils for eating and cooking, along with appliances.  I don’t cook on vacation, but we were easily able to get some bagels for the week and pop them in the toaster.  We just tossed all of our dishes in the dishwasher and used the provided dishwasher liquid when needed.

In case you’re wondering, we did not have maid service while we were there.  This does not personally bother me as my family does not tend to make a big mess.  However, this is something to consider if it matters to you.

The Pool Area

The pool area is the other main reason we chose to stay at the Cancun Las Vegas Resort.  We wanted a family vacation with lots of pool time and slides.

There are two pools situated around a Mayan Pyramid structure.  There are four water slides that pour out to one pool.  The other pool is simply for swimming and the Mayan Pyramid waterfall spills out into this pool.

water fall in pool area of cancun vegas resort

The Slides

Cancun vegas resort Pool with slides

The pool with four water slides is the smaller pool.  The slides are arranged in two tiers.  The two slides on the top tier have a 46-inch height requirement (that my petite 8-year-old did not meet).  The two slides on the bottom tier had 42-inch height requirement.

A couple of things to note about the slides:

  • My Husband and oldest daughter said that the tall slides were dark the entire way down, which they did not consider a plus.
  • We wish that the slides would have fed into the main pool, or that the slide pool was right next to the main pool. The pools were on opposite sides of the pyramid structure, meaning that you could only keep an eye on your kid if everyone went to the slide pool.  This made it harder for us to all stay together in one spot.

The Main pool

The main pool was nice and big.  There was plenty of room for all of the guests to swim around.cancun vegas resort main pool

Although the pool was nice and spacious, we wish that the pool had more shallow areas.  In the main pool, it was 4.5 to 5 feet around the majority of the pool.  This pool depth made it difficult to enjoy pool time with our younger one.  We had to be constantly there to help her when she got too tired to swim or fell off of her float.  We would have felt more piece of mind if we knew that our youngest could easily stand in the water when she would get too tired to tread water or swim.

Lounge chairs were abundant and available to all resort guests.  There were also hammocks available for adult use…which yours truly took full advantage of.

In conclusion, we enjoyed our stay.  It was comfortable and provided plenty of space for my family.  However, I do wish that we would have been able to enjoy the pool area more fully.

Quick Facts and Tips:

Here are some quick facts and tips for your stay at Cancun Resort:

  • If you have inflatables, take them to the lifeguard hut and they will inflate them for you!
  • Take some water shoes or flip flops. We personally found the pool area to be slippery.  We walked at all times, but still managed to slip twice.
  • First Aid: The lifeguards have ice packs on hand. We needed one after my daughter slipped.
  • Elevator: Allow yourself time to take the elevator down to the parking garage if you have to be somewhere at a certain time. The elevator is slow and many people take it when it is too hot to take the stairs.
  • DVDs: Take your kids’ DVDs or rent at the Redbox for the evenings when you want to stay in.
  • Pool slide height requirements: Upper level slides, 46-inch requirement. Lower level slides, 42-inch requirement.
  • Timeshare presentation: You are not required to attend the timeshare presentation. There is a time share presentation option where you can get free tickets to a show.  You are not required to attend this presentation unless you have signed a contract.
  • Fitness center and onsite food: These are available at the resort, but we did not make use of them on this trip. Therefore, we left it out of our review.
  • No cribs available.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Non-smoking property.
  • WiFi available.
  • Address: 8335 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas
  • Phone: (702) 614-6200


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