Celebrate a birthday in Vegas WITH KIDS!

You want to go to Las Vegas, but you have to bring along the whole crew.  No problem!  Both adults AND kids can have a great time celebrating a milestone birthday in Las Vegas!  Read on for a suggested itinerary for a birthday weekend trip to Vegas with kids!

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Heading out to Las Vegas with kids to celebrate an adult birthday requires a delicate balance.  You want to make sure that the entertainment is kid-appropriate, but you don’t want to feel like you can’t enjoy your time as an adult.  It is totally possible for everyone involved to have a great and memorable time together!  I will show you how by sharing our itinerary from a weekend trip out to Vegas to celebrate my milestone birthday!

Make some fun road trip stopsCalico Las Vegas Road Trip Stop

Chances are, you’re only heading out to Las Vegas for a couple of days.  I suggest you start your vacation ASAP by taking advantage of fun stops along the way.  Although we are always feeling like we want to just get to Las Vegas as quickly as possible, I always find that the whole gang is better rested and ready to hit the ground running when we’ve made a stop or two along the way.

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Stay at an amazing hotel

My favorite hotel on the strip to date?  Hands down, The Venetian and The Palazzo!  I LOVE this hotel because I feel like royalty.  It feels so luxurious and, if you’re not careful, you won’t want to leave your room 😉

This definitely made my milestone birthday feel extra special.  And the kids?  Yeah, they were pretty blown away when we walked in.

By the way, if you want to know what my milestone birthday was, I was turning 21.  That’s right, keep moving along 😉

Go on a shopping spree!

Is it their birthday?  No.  But we love shopping and I had a great time seeing their faces light up.

Our goal was to pick a cute outfit for our night out on the town!  We were going to get our hair done that night, then head out to a special dinner.

Get your hair done like royalty

Have you ever been to a Drybar?  There are so many places now that specialize in just giving you a great blow out style.

We went to Drybar inside of the Planet Hollywood Mall.  This place is amazeballs if you’ve never been.  (FYI: NOT SPONSORED!)

You walk up and there is a DJ playing some music.  There’s also a bar where you can order drinks (my girls got soda).  We posed at the fun seating area before we even got our hair done…because we’re celebrating my birthday and we’re just extra like that.

There are some fun chandeliers throughout…made out of blow dryers (!)

Once your stylist calls you over, you’ll be ushered into a room full of sinks for hair washing.  The three of us were lined up in a row getting our hair washed and it was amazing.

Next, we walked over to our seats and told our stylist what we each wanted our hair to look like (picked from a book of pictures).  There are televisions in front of the hair stations.  You can sip a drink and watch whatever movie they have playing while they style your hair.  If you want to feel like royalty, this is the place to go.

To this day, my kids talk about that visit to Drybar.

Have a Vegas Strip Photo Shoot!

You just paid to get your hair did…what else would you do right after?!  Believe it or not, my girls were telling me how to pose.  I tried to keep a straight face while taking these pics.  They were so fun and perfect for a photo album of memories from my 21st birthday celebration 😉

Go to dinner at Benihana!

Have you watched that episode of Fuller House where Kimmy Gibbler tries to convince Steve to hire her as his wedding planner for a wedding in Japan?  Well, my kids were sold on the idea of Benihana when they watched that episode!

I’ve never been to Benihana and always thought it would be fun to go (again, NOT SPONSORED!).  Let me just say, if you have kids tagging along with you to Las Vegas for a birthday celebration, this place is a wonderful idea!  The food is delicious and everyone is entertained during the entire meal.

And just because I love my readers…make a reservation and ask for TONY!!!  This guy is so amazing that they no longer allow him to wear a name tag.  He’s just that great.  EVERYONE requests him 😉

Take in a magic show

Mac King- We’ve watched his show twice!

Who doesn’t love a good magic show?!

We wound up watching Penn and Teller for my show at night.  I love these guys and think they do amazing work.  HOWEVER, I was disappointed to find that they spend part of the show telling you how some magic tricks work.  Meaning, when you ask, “HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!”  These guys will tell you (well, not Teller) how some of these tricks work.  I personally don’t want the magic spoiled for me.  And if you have kids along…you REALLY don’t want the magic spoiled for them.

So…I HIGHLY recommend you go watch Mac King at Harrah’s if you are with kids.  We have watched him twice and he is just so fun for the entire family!  I embarrass my husband a little bit because I can’t stop laughing throughout Mac King’s show.  Apparently, I have a childish sense of humor.  Who knew? 😉

Did I miss anything?

This is how I chose to spend MY milestone 21st birthday in Las Vegas with my littles in tow.  I hope that this helps you make plans for your birthday and to realize that you CAN have fun on your birthday in Las Vegas with kids!

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