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Cinemark 18 at HHLA: A Modern Movie Going Experience!

Cinemark 18 at HHLA is a great venue for family fun or even a date night!  Read on for more details about our experience at HHLA Cinemark 18 with the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe.

Cinemark 18 at HHLA: A Modern Movie Going Experience!

Thank you to Cinemark 18 at the HHLA shopping center for inviting us to watch Onward at your theater.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.  

Why should I check out Cinemark 18 at HHLA?

LA Mommy Blogger Trive at Cinemark 18 HHLA

1. HHLA has a fresh and modern look

Cinemark 18 at HHLA: A Modern Movie Going Experience!

Have you been to the HHLA center recently?  They have completed renovations and are looking more beautiful than ever!

Cinemark 18 at HHLA: A Modern Movie Going Experience!

My kids were immediately drawn to the beautiful seating areas.  The colorful seating areas welcome visitors to have a seat between shopping and just enjoy one another’s company.

Hanging out at HHLA

Hanging out at HHLA

I personally appreciated the aesthetic beauty of the remodel and the Insta-worthy photo ops.

LA Mommy Blogger Tribe at Cinemark 18 HHLA

Cinemark 18 at HHLA: A Modern Movie Going Experience!

The center currently has the Cinemark XD, Dave and Busters, and Sneakertopia pop up, just to name a few.  There are more stores coming into the HHLA over time.

Whether you are looking for great dining or entertainment options, you should check out the new HHLA!

You can sign up to become an insider and get notified when there are new events or openings at HHLA by heading over to their site: HHLA website.

2. Cinemark 18 provides you with a full experience

Cinemark 18 at HHLA: A Modern Movie Going Experience!

After taking in the beauty of the new HHLA, the Cinemark 18 grand lobby will welcome you to a modern movie-going experience.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the grandeur of the entryway upon opening the doors and immediately knew it would be a great movie experience with the family.

The Cinemark 18 has multiple levels.  One level even had a beautiful restaurant with menu and bar.  I am definitely looking forward to going back for a date night with the hubby!

Restaurant at Cinemark 18 HHLA

I did not get to hang around to taste the food, but some other ladies from the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe shared these pictures of the food with me.

Food at Cinemark 18 HHLA

Fries at Cinemark 18 HHLA

Nachos at Cinemark 18 HHLA

What is the Cinemark 18 XD experience like?

Cinemark 18 at HHLA: A Modern Movie Going Experience!

I will be honest here…I had no idea what to expect from the Cinemark XD experience.  Describing my experience in one word: Awesome!  Here’s what I liked best about our experience watching an XD movie at Cinemark 18 in HHLA:

  • Reserved seats.  This is a big deal for me.  I love being able to walk into the theater on my own timeline and know that I have a seat waiting for me.
  • Excellent sound and picture!  The screen was very wide and tall.  The picture was beautifully clear and the sound was great!
  • Comfy seats.  The seats were comfortable.  They are not recliners, but to be honest, I felt they were just right.  I am a big recliner person, but these seats were comfortable and I didn’t miss the recliner.  Just putting it out there 😉
  • Comfy seats throughout the hallways.  You feel welcome to hang out at Cinemark.  There are seats for you to relax and chat before a movie starts.  Talk about making the customer happy!Girls at Cinemark 18 HHLA

What are your thoughts on Disney Pixar’s Onward?

Disney Pixar’s Onward is a fun movie with plenty of important messages mixed in.  As you would expect from a Pixar movie, there were some pretty emotional moments during the movie.  In fact, quite a few friends were reaching for tissues by the end of the movie.

Here are some big takeaways that I got from Onward:

  • Love is being there for each other.  You have a big brother stepping up to be there for his little brother when his Dad is not there to help out.  One of the very things that drew me to this movie was the fact that you could see two brothers that were clearly very close.
  • Don’t get so boggled down by “real life” that you forget about the magic inside of you!  During the movie, creatures that are from a magical lineage are no longer able to perform magical things.  These creatures lose their magical abilities because they haven’t been used for so long.  Everyone just accepts that magic just doesn’t exist anymore.  This movie addresses that and makes you think twice about hopes and dreams that you might have put to the side.
  • There is often more than one way to approach a problem.  One brother is easy-going, while one goes strictly “by the book.”  Movie-goers witness that both brothers are capable of solving a problem.  It helps you to re-think whether you should be open to other people’s approach to things.

Be sure to head out to HHLA and check out this beautifully renovated area for your dining and entertainment needs!  You will discover that HHLA is a beautiful addition to SoCal’s lifestyle and entertainment options.

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