Craft Cart and Homework Station DIY

Are craft and homework supplies taking over your home?  We have a solution!  Enter the craft cart and homework station.  This cart is easy to keep organized and move out of sight when not in use.

We picked up this three-tier cart with wheels at IKEA.  However, you will find that other stores are now making similar carts.  You can also find it in different colors to match your home decor.

Read on to see how we organized our craft cart and homework station.

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Organize your own Station:

1.Purchase some small containers to organize your craft and homework station.

I purchased some clear compartmentalized cases from the dollar store.  These were used to organize items such as washi/decorative tape and stamps.  We also purchased some inexpensive pencil boxes to organize the many wooden and mechanical pencils the kids have collected over the years.

Craft cart and homework station-Washi tape and stamp organizer
Washi tape organizer. There is a lid so that you can stack or store the case sideways.

You might also want to purchase some small buckets to separate items such as pens, markers, and scissors.  We found some in the dollar spot at Target.

2. Categorize your crafts and homework tools in a logical way.

This makes it easy for you or your kids to put things away and keep the craft cart and homework station nicely organized.  We placed all of the small buckets on the top-tier.  We put novelty pens in one bucket, scissors in another bucket, etc.

Craft cart and homework station with colored pencils, rulers on the side
Note we placed the rulers in the side, along with an electric pencil sharpener.

Craft cart and homework station-Magnetic holder with googly eyesYou can purchase a magnetic holder for small items like googly eyes.  This is very convenient and easy to store.

3. Place pencil boxes, washi tape containers, etc. on the middle tier of the craft cart and homework station.

We place the boxes in an upright file position in order to make it easy to see what we have.  I found that sitting the boxes flat and stacking on top of one another made it difficult to see what we had.  The stuff at the bottom either never got used or the cart degraded into a big mess.

Craft cart and homework station-Pencil and stamp boxes, stored upright like files
Store boxes upright like files for easy inventory and access.

4. Corral small notebooks in a bin on the bottom tier of the craft cart and homework station.

Place large coloring books in a file.  We stored sticker sheets in a freezer gallon bag to keep them together and make them easy to store.Craft cart and homework station-Bottom tier with notebooks, stickers, and coloring books

5. My#1 tip?  Make sure the kids organize the craft cart and homework station with you!

If they don’t, they will not know how much work went into organizing the supplies.  If they participate in the process, they will likely keep it organized because they will not want to do it again 🙂

Craft cart and homework station-Kids organizing the craft and homework cart.
The kids were weeding out what they no longer use, then categorizing what they wanted to keep.

The end result…Ta da!!!Craft cart and homework station

We love this craft cart and homework station for many reasons:

  • It limits what you can keep.
  • You are able to see what you have and easily access it.
  • You have all crafts at your fingertips.  No more walking back and forth to find all of your supplies.
  • You can roll it from one room to another.  We put the cart away in the hall closet or a kid’s room when not in use.  This is especially convenient when company comes over and you can just roll it out of sight.

Let us know if you make this craft cart and homework station!  We would love to see any modifications you make and get ideas from our readers 🙂

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