DIY Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Welcome Sign

Create this DIY sunflower and buffalo plaid sign to welcome your guests this fall!  Super easy and quick to make, this one is sure to brighten up your home.Sunflower and buffalo plaid welcome sign

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Welcome your guests with sunshine!

Sunflowers are a great fall home decor item.  The weather outside may be turning cold and dreary, but cheery sunflower and buffalo plaid home decor will keep your home feeling bright and cheery.

Read below for how to pull together this sign in just 5 minutes!

Which supplies do I need?

You won’t need too many supplies to make this sign.  I love the fact that you can use leftovers from this project to make coordinating DIYs like this Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Centerpiece or this Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Tablescape !

Supplies needed to make a sunflower and buffalo plaid welcome sign

Supplies needed include:

  • A glue gun and glue sticks
  • Artificial sunflowers
  • Buffalo plaid ribbon (aka black and white plaid pattern)
  • A small hello sign, or even letters made with your Cricut.
  • Wooden sign (rectangular)
  • Scissors

You can find these items at your local craft store, Amazon, or even the dollar store!

How to make this sunflower and buffalo plaid sign

Step 1:

Use hot glue to attach the ribbon lengthwise along the top and bottom border of the wooden sign.  I did NOT run a line of hot glue across the length of the sign.  I just put a dab of glue space out as I placed the ribbon down along the sign.  This ensures that your ribbon will look taught.

Hot glue buffalo plaid ribbon to each lengthwise side of the wooden sign.

Step 2:

Pull the sunflower heads off of each artificial stem.  If you have a small “nub” at the back of the sunflower (meaning the part that attaches to flower to the stem), carefully cut it off with scissors so that the sunflower lays nearly flat.

Step 3:

Use hot glue to attach your “hello” sign at the center of the sign.  If you do not have a little sign such as this one, feel free to create your own vinyl letters with a Cricut machine, or even use a stencil and paint to make your wording at the center of the sign.

Hot glue the hello sign to the wooden board.

Step 4:

Decide how to place the sunflowers on the sign, then hot glue them on.  I personally liked the look of three sunflowers grouped together on each end of the sign.  This also worked out well because I needed to cover up the open pumpkin cutout on this sign 😉

Hot glue sunflowers in groups of three at each end of the sign.

Step 5:

Place your sign on a small easel or lean against a wall to display.  Enjoy!

Sunflower and buffalo plaid welcome sign

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