Dog Costume DIYs: So Easy A Kid Can Make Them!

Do you love to include your canine BFF in Halloween festivities?  We have some super easy dog costume DIYs.  They are so simple, a kid can make them!  Read on for the easy how-to directions!

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Toga Party Dog Costume

Would you believe me if I told you that my kids make up costumes for Mr. Jackson on a whim?  On this particular day, they were home sick and the oldest had been learning all about ancient Rome.

This is such an easy costume, it’s silly.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plain white men’s under shirt (or whatever you’ve got)
  • A small clip (we used a mini hair jaw clip)
  • Green construction paper
  • A sheet of plain white printer paper (or honestly, whatever color matches you’re dog’s hair probably works)
  • Light green and dark green markers to draw on the leaves.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A pencil

The wreath

First, you’ll draw out some leaves on the green construction paper with pencil.

Per my daughter’s instructions, you will then outline the leaves in light green or dark green marker.  She is much more artistic than I am.  Wouldn’t you know?  She was right.  It looks much cooler with the two different shades of green.

Third, cut a strip of white paper and measure it around your dog’s head to see if you need to cut it shorter.  Once you have the right size, tape the ends.

Next, glue the leaves with a glue stick or use double-sided tape to attach them to the white band of paper.

Your finished headpiece will look something like this.  Add more or less leaves as you see fit.

The Toga

This is most definitely the easiest part!

Wrap the tshirt around your dog’s body, with one side wrapping around and under one leg and across the chest.  Be sure to tuck in the sleeves (or cut them off if you don’t care about the shirt 😉  Once you have wrapped it the way you like, bunch the material on one side and use the small hair clip to keep the toga together.

Voila!  You did it!

Toga!  Toga!

M&M Dog Costume

My family is just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with M&Ms.  If you don’t believe me, check out our post about where we visit M&M World in Las Vegas 😉

Naturally, my kids wanted to make Mr. Jackson an M&M costume.

We lucked out by finding a small red t-shirt at the local discount store.  From there, it sort of just naturally happened.

What you’ll need:

  • A plain t-shirt in any primary color (or M&M of choice)
  • White felt
  • Scissors to cut through felt
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Fabric glue

Let’s make this thing!

First, we looked up how the M&M logo actually looks on an M&M candy.  We then tried to replicate the same “M” on a piece of paper.

Next, cut out the “M” and place it on top of the felt and trace.  We opted to place some tape on the back to make it easier to trace.  Cut out the M that you traced on the felt.

Last, use fabric glue to attach the white felt “M” on the back of the shirt. 

Let the glue dry before placing the shirt on your dog!


**TIP:  If you have a boy dog, be sure to either cut the bottom of the shirt to come up to the bottom of his rib cage, or wad it up and clip it.  If you don’t, your shirt will get wet and ruined when they go to the bathroom, because…you know 😉

Pizza Guy

So…I didn’t get pictures of how the kids made this one, because everyone was super sick and I was just trying to make chicken soup for everyone.

The kids basically took a small white box and drew the company name and logo on it.  They then made a “strap” or belt out of construction paper that fit around Mr. Jackson.  They taped it all together and it worked.

I know that there are ways to make a box out of paper.  I’m sure you can easily find instructions online 😉

He’s the cutest Domino’s Pizza delivery guy I’ve ever seen!

Sully from Monsters Inc.

We decided to make our own family group costume theme.  We couldn’t find a dog Sully costume from Monster’s Inc. on short notice, so I improvised.  Everyone knew who he was and loved it!

What you need:

  • Light blue cotton t-shirt
  • Purple felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Purple feather boa
  • Head band (soft fabric (no “teeth”) that fits comfortably on your dog’s head)
  • Soft foam cylinder object (I used finger shooters I found at the local discount store)
  • Scissors
  • Grey paint
  • Foam paint paddle
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun

Let’s make the body:

First, cut out uneven somewhat circular shapes from the purple felt.  Don’t worry about them being perfectly symmetrical.

Second, use fabric glue to place the purple spots randomly on the back of the blue shirt.

Let dry.

Making the headpiece:

First, take a piece of the soft foam and cut it at a diagonal.  Repeat with a second piece of soft foam.

Second, use a foam paint paddle to paint the entire soft foam cylinder grey.

Third, once the paint has dried, hot glue the foam “horns” on top of each side of the headband.  Then hot glue the purple feather boas on all of the blank space left on the headband.

Allow everything to dry.

Your dog is ready to go out on the town as Sully!



What do you think?!

Will you be making one of these for your dog this Halloween?  You can easily make one of these in hardly no time at all!  If you make one, please be sure to tag us on Instragram or Facebook @asocalwayoflife!


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