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Easter Floral and Plaid Tablescape DIY

Check out this easy Easter floral and plaid DIY tablescape!  It is easy to pull together and will put  your family in a festive mood.

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I put together this tablescape before the Cornavirus orders started here in California last month.  Please do NOT go out to the store to grab any of these items.  You can easily recreate a similar tablescape with items around your home!  If you have cardstock and a glue gun, you can cut out bunny ears and glue them to a napkin ring.  Is it neccessary?  No, but it does add a little bit of whimsy to your table that is sure to make everyone smile 😉

If you are practicing social distancing, something as little as putting up some Easter decor will lift everyone’s spirits.

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What supplies did we use?

I grabbed many of these items from around the house and from previous tablescapes.  I also got quite a few items from Michaels.

  • Floral tablecloth
  • Plaid chargers
  • White plates
  • Gold and rose tone candlesticks
  • Bunny ear napkin rings
  • White cloth napkins
  • White cake stand
  • Decorative bunny
  • Decorative eggs

How did you set up?

This is probably the easiest, most self-explanatory tablescape I’ve shared with you guys.  LOL.

Basically, just throw on the tablecloth, grab the matching chargers and place them on the table.

Plaid charger plate

Easter Floral and Plaid Tablescape DIY

Place the cake stand in the center, and place whatever you wish on the center.  I took this bunny from our living room 😉  My original vision was to pile decorative eggs on the stand, however, they were not weighted and therefore could not be arranged in a nice way without glue.  I lost my glue gun…and we’re in social distancing time, so….bunny it is! 😀

Place the candlesticks in whichever pattern is pleasing to you.  I spread some of the decorative eggs throughout the center of the table.

For the napkins, I simply folded them into a square, then pulled one corner to another to form a diagonal.  Next, I tucked the corner in and pulled the napkin through the napkin ring.

That’s it!

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