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Easy DIY Easter Decor

Looking for easy DIY Easter decor ideas?  Check out this post for some super simple DIY Easter decor!  These are so simple even non-crafty people can make them!

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I’m not crafty.  Are you sure I can do this?

Can you use stickers, take pictures, and tie a knot?  Then yes my friend…you can do it!  I think these are fun craft activities to do alone or with kids.

I understand that we are being asked to social distance in many states.  For this reason, I do NOT recommend that you head out to the store to buy anything!  I re-purposed these mini flower pots from succulents I purchased a while ago.  I also found that frame around the house and used it.  I’m sure you can find similar items around the house.  Also…I am a self-proclaimed arts and crafts hoarder.

How do I make the Easy Easter DIY Ribbon Rope?

I saw similar ribbon ropes at the store and thought they were so pretty!  Part of the reason I came up with this ribbon rope was because I saw something similar in the store and knew I had way too much ribbon at home that I could use to make my own!

What you’ll need:

  • Rope (or some sort of sturdy string)
  • Ribbon in colors of your choosing
  • Scissors

Supplies needed for Ribbon rope


  1. Decide on your color scheme.  I chose colors that would coordinate well with my tablescape.Ribbon-Easy DIY Easter Decor
  2. Pre-cut your ribbon.  I made 6-inch strips.  I then lined up each ribbon pile in the color order I wanted the ribbons to appear on the rope.Pre-cut ribbon- Easy DIY Easter DecorRibbon for ribbon rope
  3. Start tying the ribbon to the rope.Ribbon tied on rope-Easy DIY Easter DecorRibbon rope- Easy DIY Easter Decor
  4. TIP:  Tie the knots in alternating directions.  Make sure the first ribbon has the knot facing the front of the rope.  The next ribbon you tie on, make sure that you twist the ribbon so that the knot faces the back of the rope.  Keep up this pattern for the rest of the ribbon on the rope.  I found that the end result looked much prettier when alternating the direction of the knots.Ribbon rope- Easy DIY Easter Decor

Enjoy!  Make the Easy Easter DIY ribbon rope as long as desired for the area you will be decorating.  I love how this came out!Easy DIY Easter DecorEasy DIY Easter Decor

This ribbon rope paired nicely with the colors in our DIY Easter Tablescape!  You can check out how we made our Easy DIY Easter Tablescape up on the blog!

How do I make those Easy Easter DIY bunnies?Easy DIY Easter Decor

These bunnies were originally meant to be lawn ornaments!  I wound up not using them for their intended purpose and had to do something with them 😉

Supplies needed:

  • Bunnies on a stick
  • Mini flower pots
  • Floral moss
  • Pearl stickers
  • Styrofoam balls

What are the steps?

  1. Place a styrofoam ball inside each flower pot.
  2. Trim the bunnies on sticks to the desired height.
  3. Push each bunny stick straight into the styrofoam ball.  I decided to place two bunnies back to back to make the decor visible from 2 sides.Bunny pots- Easy DIY Easter DecorBunny pot- Easy DIY Easter Decor
  4. Place moss into the pot to fill in the empty space.  I was originally going to hot glue the styrofoam ball to the flower pot to keep it steady.  However, I lost my glue gun and am unable to go out and buy one due to Stay at Home measures in place in California.  Necessity is the mother of invention 😉  The moss did a great job of holding everything steady.  You can also try putting in faux flowers to fill the space.Easy DIY Easter Decor
  5. Place sticker pearls along the edge of the flower pot.  You can always use hot glue, or a different shape.  This is what I had on hand and it worked out well.
  6. Enjoy your creation!

Bunny Picture

Ok, I don’t know if this qualifies as a craft.  But it was definitely a last minute DIY that my oldest thought up 😉  I was originally planning on taking floral cardstock and cutting out a bunny shape.  My oldest suggested taking a picture of Mr. Jackson with bunny ears and clipping it to the frame.  I loved it, so there you go 😉  Photo credit goes to my youngest and the use of her Instax camera!


Dog Bunny picture- Easy DIY Easter Decor

Some extras…

I picked up the “Some bunny loves you” sign from Michaels and placed it on an easel.  The candle is named, “Some Bunny Loves You” and is from Bath and Body Works.  It smells so good, and has a cute Easter picture on the label.

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