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Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece for Family Dinners!

Let’s make an Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece to transition ourselves into the new season!  Like it or not, it is the season of pumpkin spice and flannel.  I personally prefer summer with mai tais and shorts.  However, I will make the best of the situation by drowning my sorrow in a craft project.

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

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You will want to gather the following for the Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece:

  • Floral wire cutters
  • Floral Foam
  • Faux flowers in coordinating colors
  • Pillar candles or decorative candle holders of your choice
  • Wooden box
  • Miniature fall gourds if you really want to up the fall factor.Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Supplies for DIY Fall Centerpiece projectEasy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Decorative pumpkins and gourds

Notice that I use faux flowers.  I love the great outdoors.  Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual.  Faux flowers have the added benefit of lasting indefinitely 😉

I picked up all of the supplies at the local craft store during it’s fall sale blowout.  The candle holders are from both the local candle and dollar stores.

I stuck with cream color flowers and candle holders.  This gives a rustic look while also making it easier to match with decor throughout the rest of the house.

How to Make the Fall Centerpiece

Step 1: Arrange floral foam in the box

This step might require you to flip the floral foam in different directions (vertical, horizontal, on it’s side) to fit the foam into your rectangular wooden box.  I wound up having to cut one of the foam blocks in half to cover the entire inside area of the box.  Do not worry if there is some empty or uncovered space between the box and the floral foam.  You can insert the flowers at an angle to cover any empty spaces.Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Wooden box with floral foam

Step 2: Arrange candle holders

I placed the biggest candle holder in the middle, then the matching candle holders on each end.  You will soon see that making a visually appealing centerpiece is all about creating symmetry.

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Three candles placed on top of floral foam inside of wooden box

Step 3: Insert the hydrangea flowers

I used 4 hydrangea clusters.  I placed two clusters in the front, and two clusters in the back of the Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece.

You will want to evenly space the hydrangea on each side and insert it at an angle as shown in the picture.

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Hydrangea placed in a diagonal into the floral foam

Push the Hydrangea into the foam at a 45 degree angle (aka- at a diagonal).

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Symmetrically placed hydrangea
Make sure to evenly and symmetrically place the hydrangea on each side of the Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece.

Notice how I placed to hydrangea on each side of the centerpiece.  You want to keep things looking symmetrical.

TIP: When cutting flowers off the stem, be sure not to cut the stem too short!  As they say, “Measure twice, cut once.”  You might decide that you need to trim the stem as you are inserting the flower into the floral foam later.  However, it’s much easier to trim down the stem.  Once you cut the stem you can’t add it back on. 😉

By the way, I did not measure anything in the making of this centerpiece.  That would only add to my crankiness that it is no longer spring or summer.  Instead, I just free formed it.  Remember, this is an Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece!

Step 3: Place flowers around the center

This step sort of just happened.  I placed a cream flower in front of the center candle holder.  Then, I started to fill in the empty space between all candle holders.  I eventually wound up inserting a circle of flowers around the center candle holder.  I love the way it looks.  I used the same flower type all around the center.Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Cream color flowers placed around the center candle holder.Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Cream color flowers placed in a circle around center candle holder

Step 4: Place two flowers on each end

I  inserted a different cream-colored flower on the ends.  I placed each flower at the floral foam corners and facing outward at a 45 degree angle.

I initially stuck the flowers straight out.  However, I found that the flowers covered less space when sticking straight out and the arrangement did not look as natural.Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Two cream color flowers placed at end of wooden box, pointing outward.

Step 5: Add greenery in the empty spaces

At this point in the project, I realized that adding any more flowers to the Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece would just be overdoing it.  So, I decided to add in some greenery.

Remember those scraps of leaves and stems?  Lets use those to fill in the spaces between the flowers.  You can also use these for another DIY, like our Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style!

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Leftover leaf scraps and green berries
Make sure to save those leaf scraps for later!
Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Green leaves placed between cream color flowers.
Fill in empty space with twigs of leaves.
Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Picture of exposed floral foam between flowers
Note that there will be some empty spaces with exposed floral foam.  Fill these in with greenery!

Step 6: Prepare the pumpkins and gourds

Oops…I forgot that I picked these up on a whim at the craft store.Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Decorative pumpkins and gourds

I decided to take some and place them in the centerpiece to add some visual interest.  Also, this is supposed to be an Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece 🙂

These pumpkins are made out of a soft foam material, so I was able to pierce them with one of my leftover leaf stems.  Those things really come in handy don’t they?

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Decorative gourd pierced with left over leaf twig.
If your decorative gourd is a soft material, you can pierce it with a left over wire leaf twig so that it can easily be placed in the centerpiece.

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Decorative pumpkin pierced with leftover wire twig and leaf.

Step 7: Place the pumpkins in the centerpiece

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Back end of centerpiece
Make sure that your centerpiece looks nice no matter what angle a person sees it from.  Just like your hairstyle 😉

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece- Pumpkin included in centerpiece

Step 8: Add candles and enjoy!

I will be placing some battery operated tea lights in my candle holders.  The center candle will likely have a pumpkin-scented candle since it is a fall centerpiece.

Here are some more pictures of the final product:

Easy DIY Fall CenterpieceEasy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Top viewEasy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Top view

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