Excellent Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Are you struggling to figure out a present to give to a toddler or preschooler?  Check out our list of suggested gifts for toddlers and preschoolers!  These are items that my kids loved when they were younger and reached for regularly.  I have also made these go-to gift ideas when I am buying gifts for other kids that are toddlers and preschoolers.

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Collapsible Indoor tents  I love love LOVE(!!!!!) collapsible indoor tents!  My kids (and Jackson) regularly played in these as toddlers and through preschool.  These tents made many a rainy day tolerable for this mom.  I especially love the tents that collapse.  Once the kids are done playing with the tent, you can collapse it at the end of the day and put it away out of sight.  Because I *always* put my kids toys away at the end of the day… 😉  I have personally used tents like this one before.  The kids and I loved it because it had tunnels to crawl through, ball pits, you name it.  Plenty to keep them entertained!

Wooden Puzzles– I did not discover these puzzles until my oldest was in preschool and wish I knew about them when she was a toddler!  They are colorful, visually interesting for little ones, and easy for little hands to handle.  These are some puzzles that were my kids’ favorites.  These have made excellent gifts as well.



Wooden Play Castle– These little castles are sturdy and can be folded closed when not being used for play.  I don’t know if my kids liked it because it’s wooden?  There is just something appealing about the look of it.  There are little wooden people and furniture that can be purchased to go along with the castle.  We personally owned the purple castle, but the grey one looks pretty sweet too.

Dress Up Costumes for Pretend Play– I haven’t met a toddler or preschooler yet that didn’t like to play dress up!  My kids loved these dress up costumes when they were younger.  I have given these as gifts before.  Quite honestly, you can’t beat the quality of the costume…and extra points if you can get your little one to use it for Halloween too 😀

Ride On Toys– There are a few variations of riding toys that my kids have really loved.  What can I say?  I was all about making my house a fun place to hang out.  We loved these bouncy ride on toys, rolling ride on toys, and we STILL have these plasma cars.  Want to know a secret?  Adults can ride on them too…and we still do!

Musical Instruments- These are an absolute favorite!  My kids loved them and I love giving the gift of music.  I especially love the wooden ones.  Here is a cute one:

Karoke Machine– You know kids…they love to hear their own voice.  My kids absolutely love machines where they can sing like a rock star.  They received this one as a gift and it’s great.

Walking Toys– I love to gift walking toys.  It’s so simple, yet entertaining for toddlers.  Here are a couple that I think are adorable:

Art Easel and Supplies– My kids were always asking to paint, use chalk, you name it.  We owned both of these easels at one point and these definitely make wonderful gifts.  You can gift the easel alone, or purchase supplies to go along with it as well.

Learning Cash Register– My kids loved the sounds the register made and that they could “play store.”  I loved that they were learning their numbers, money, addition, subtraction…  My youngest saw me typing this and just asked, “I was learning?!”  Yeah, I’m sneaky like that.  I’ve also gifted this with great success 😉  This particular toy register is neat because it has learning games built in.

Language Series DVD– I stand behind this series of DVDs 100% !  I only ever purchased and gifted the Spanish series, but I would imagine the other languages are just as good.  My kids and the kids that have received this as a gift from me have absolutely loved watching this series.  The music is catchy and my kids definitely learned some Spanish while watching these.

Experiences– If you would like to give the gift of experiences to your toddler or preschooler, I think a few fun local ideas include:

  • Memberships: Aquarium of the Pacific, South Coast Botanic Gardens *Always check out local discount sites for deals on these locations.
  • Local Attractions/Amusement parks: Legoland, Disneyland, Pretend City, Adventure City

I hope that this list has given you plenty of gifting ideas for toddlers and preschoolers!


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