Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

Are you looking for some spring decor in your home, but tired of the same old bunnies?  Then make a DIY Fairy Cloche Centerpiece like I did!  This centerpiece will carry you well past Easter and is a fun touch of whimsy.  Read on for our step-by-step tutorial!

Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

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Supplies Needed

Here’s what you’ll need to have handy for this DIY:

  • A circular wooden slab and glass cloche
  • Alternatively, purchase a cloche of your choice with bottom.
  • Moss craft square
  • Miniature fairy accessories
  • A variety of faux flowers
  • Twinkle lights (optional)

IMPORTANT: When buying miniatures and cloche, be sure to take note of measurements and that they will work within the parameters of your project!

Lets make it!

Step 1

Place the moss square on top of the wooden slab.  Arrange twinkle lights on top if you will be adding lights to your Fairy Cloche centerpiece.

Moss square and twinkle lights on top of wooden slab- Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

Step 2

Arrange a small bunch of flowers in a circular pattern.  Point all floral stems toward the middle.  I found that this was the only way I could fit the flowers into the cloche in an aesthetically pleasing way.  Play around with your flowers until you get the right size.  Make sure that your cloche cover comfortably fits around the flowers (i.e.- the flowers don’t look smooshed).

I opted to use flowers that were all the same color.  Feel free to use a different type of flower or different colors!  A Fairy Cloche can be colorful!

Flowers arranged in a circular pattern-Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

Step 3

Set the main scene!  I decided to make this scene a Fairy Queen sitting in the middle of the forest.  I placed a tall floral in the back of the floral circle arrangement.

Tall floral stem added in back of flower circle-Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

Next, I placed a miniature fairy chair in the center of the flowers, and placed a fairy on top.  Does it look too Game of Thrones?

Fairy seated on chair in center of floral circle-Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

Step 4

Add more interest to the scene.  I opted to add in some magical forest animals like bunnies and  birds.  I also added in another fairy or two.

Forest animals and more fairies were added-Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

Step 5

Add more flowers and miniatures to the outside of the scene if you like.  I thought that the scene looked a little boring without anything along the outside.  I especially didn’t like the way the square of moss just hung outside of the circular cloche.Flowers and Fairy Miniatures placed along the outside-Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIYAlternate view of the Fairy Cloche Centerpiece-Fairy Cloche Centerpiece DIY

So, I decided to add in some flowers that I had leftover from the Fairy Tablescape Centerpiece DIY that I made earlier.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the Fairy Tablescape DIY HERE!Fairy Tablescape: Super Easy and Fun DIY!

Of course, the great thing about using these leftover flowers is that it also justifies my craft store purchases 😀  The hubby thinks I have a crafting addiction.  He MIGHT be right…just maybe 😉

Step 6

Turn on the twinkle lights, sit back, and enjoy!

What are your thoughts about the Fairy Cloche?

Did you make this DIY?  Do you like fairies for spring decor?  Let us know in the comments down below!  Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss out on future posts 🙂



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