Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day DIY Style

Oh joy!  The school has deemed tomorrow Crazy Hair Day.  What’s that?  You have no hair-styling skills and your kid wants to participate?  Me and you both sister!  Take a look at this quick tutorial for a Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day DIY Style.

I promise, this hair style is easy for all skill levels.

Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style

If you created our Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece, you probably have some leftover items that you can use for this Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style!  How’s THAT for proving that you’re not wasting your money at the craft store?  You’re welcome 😉

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Here’s what you’ll need to make this crazy hair style:

  • Foam donut bun
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins
  • Random left over twigs, flowers and decorative gourds
    Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece-Leftover leaf scraps and green berries
    Make sure to save those leaf scraps for later!

How to:

Step 1: Brush out and style hair smooth

Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style

Step 2: Make a pony tail

Make a pony tail high on the crown of your child’s head.  Make sure that the hair tie is secure.Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-High Pony Tail

Step 3: Place foam donut bun on head

Pull the ponytail through the center of the foam bun.Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-Pulling pony tail through foam donut bun

Step 4: Fan out hair

Fan out the ponytail so that the hair covers the entire foam donut.Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-Spread hair around bun donutFall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-Spread hair around foam bun donut

Step 5: Tuck in hair ends

Tuck in the ends of the hair around the donut.  Keep the hair in place by sticking in bobby pins.  Make sure that the bun is secure and will stay in place with the bobby pins.

Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-Wrap hair around the bun and tuck ends in with bobby pinsFall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-Completed bun

Ideally, you don’t want the bobby pins to show.  However: 1) I was in a rush; 2) I was taking pictures one-handed; and 3) It’s Crazy Hair Day so…

Step 6: Place twigs and leaves in hair

You can push flowers, leaves, etc. throughout the hair.Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-Placing leaves in hairFall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day StyleFall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style  Make sure you stick a long twig in the middle of the bun for a comedic look.

Step 7: Don’t forget the pumpkin

Oops…I almost forgot that this is supposed to be a Fall Crazy Hair Day Style.  I also have to justify this random decorative pumpkin purchase from the craft store 😉  Remember I used these in the Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece?

Take a pumpkin and pierce it with a wire twig.Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style-Pumpkin pierced with wire stem

Then, push the pumpkin in through the base of the bun.  I went for the top of the bun in the hopes that the pumpkin would stay in longer.Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day StyleFall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day StyleFall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style

Looks like I have a happy customer!

Fall-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Style


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