Fun Date Ideas: Not your usual dinner and a movie!

Looking for some fun date ideas?  Check out our list of ideas that go beyond the usual dinner and a movie.  Some are specific to SoCal, but many ideas can be carried out in any part of the United States!

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I think that there is a lot to be said for trying out new experiences with your partner or just getting out and doing something out of the norm.  It doesn’t even have to be anything all that crazy.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to Netflix and chill or just go watch a great movie and have a delicious dinner afterward.  However, sometimes you need to reconnect in a way that allows you to share an experience and then talk about it during and after.  I’m sure I don’t have too many readers opposed to this 😉

Here are some ideas that I have thought of.  Some of these ideas we have done multiple times, others are on my list to do in the near future.  Either way, I guarantee you will enjoy them.  They are the kinds of outings that will make it easy to hang out with your significant other and spend some quality time alone.

In no particular order, here are some fun date ideas…

Fun Date #1: Outdoor Events

What’s better than hanging out under the stars while laughing and singing along with your date?  I can’t think of anything more romantic.  Pack your own picnic basket, take a blanket, and enjoy one another’s company.

My absolute favorite open air show venue in SoCal is The Hollywood Bowl!  I cannot sing enough praises about this venue.  It is a casual venue, but the unmistakable Old Los Angeles glamour of The Bowl is just beautiful.

You can pack your own food, and even wine if it is not a leased event.  Be sure to check out my post about tips for visiting The Hollywood Bowl>>> The Hollywood Bowl: 10 Tips for Your Visit

A nice outdoor picnic is definitely my idea of a fun date!

Fun Date #2: Cruise along Beach Bike Paths

Negative ions, endorphins from exercise, and getting fresh ocean views and breezes while hanging out with your sweetie?  This is sure to be one of your favorite date options!

Not only can you take a ride along the strand.  You can stop for a picnic or head to the local boardwalk for a meal.

There are usually bike rental companies near beaches, but I would recommend getting your own cruiser if you think you’ll be riding often.

This is the bike that I currently ride- and was the inspiration for this website’s logo 😉  I’ve included a link to it on Amazon here>>>

I love my bike, but it does not have gears.  If you want to buy your own bike instead of rent, you might want to consider investing in a cruiser with gears if you’ll be doing a lot of riding around town.

This bike is highly rated on Amazon.  It is a women’s cruiser with gears. >>>

Fun Date #3: Goat Yoga

This is so Southern California that it’s not even funny.

Now, this date idea is most definitely contingent upon your significant other not being afraid of animals.  It’s also contingent upon them being a good sport.

I personally LOVE goat yoga and can tell you that I was relaxed not just from doing yoga, but also from laughing at the silliness of the goats.  Of course, I also LOVE animals, so this was a win win for me.

The hubby and I did not do this together for a date, but I can tell you that I would take him in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose again and he was willing.

Goat Yoga: Everything You Want To Know

Fun Date #4: Head to the Dog Beach

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach/Dog Gifts

Ok, ok…I know what some of you are saying.  “Erika?!  Why so much beach and animal focus?”  Honestly, because I love the beach and I love dogs.  The end 😀

There are some excellent dog beaches in SoCal, two of which I’ve shared in previous posts.  If your date is a dog person, they will be in heaven at the dog beach!  It is the most fun thing to watch dogs enjoying the water and sand.  And life jackets!  The dogs wear life jackets!!!  Cuteness overload!

SoCal Day Trip: Rosie’s Dog Beach and Open Sesame

SoCal Day Trip: Huntington Dog Beach and Park Bench Cafe

These are some of my favorite beach items on Amazon.  For more things I like to take to the beach, check out My Top 10 Must-Have Beach Items

Fun Date #5: Head to the Roller Rink

Look, I get it.  You might have never learned to skate.  You might think you’re not 10 anymore and therefore cannot skate at a roller rink anymore.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is SO MUCH FUN!  We went to the roller rink for the first time in forever and we had so much fun!  My date is a complete show off, whereas I was barely standing up for the first 30 minutes.  But you know what?  The laughing and feeling like a kid again while skating together?  That was way better than dinner and a movie.

The roller rink has music and lights…just like a dance floor.  Local roller rinks often have couples date nights, 21 and over, 80’s Night…you name it!

Some local roller rinks in So Cal include Fountain Valley Skating Center, Northridge Skateland, and World on Wheels Skating in Venice, California.

Fun Date #6: Get adventurous!

MONSTER JAM: It's not just for boys!

Did I know I would be one of those women that yells, “YEAH!” at a Monster Jam event?  I sure didn’t, but man was it fun!

I highly recommend that you step out of your comfort zone and try something completely different from what you’ve done before.  You might be completely surprised by what you’ll find.

Check out our recent experience at Circus Vargas and Monster Jam in the following posts:

Circus Vargas: Not Your Mama’s Circus

MONSTER JAM: It’s not just for boys!

Be sure to check for discount tickets on our page here>>>Discount Tickets

Fun Date #7: Miniature Golf

glow in the dark golf balls

This one’s an oldie but a goodie!  There are plenty of miniature golf places nearby and some even have glow in the dark and themes!

Fun Date #8: Check out a local museum

Stage Coach at the Autry Museum of the American West

Do you realize just how many different types of museums there are in SoCal alone?!  There are so many!  There’s a museum for every interest, I kid you not.

There are free museum days and even free tickets available for the taking if you just know where to look!  Be sure to read how to experience Los Angeles museums for free>>> Experience Los Angeles Museums for FREE!

Fun Date #9: Stroll through a botanic garden

Believe it or not, my hubby and I enjoyed heading to local botanic gardens even before we had kids!  Fresh sunshine, beautiful flowers…what’s not to love?

Did you know?  If you buy an annual membership to a local Los Angeles County Garden such as The South Coast Botanic Garden, you  will have free admission to other botanic gardens nationwide that participate in this membership program?  It’s true!  I highly recommend you check it out.

Fun Date #10: Take a day trip

View of cable and mountain on the tramway

Taking a day trip will obviously take a bit of planning, especially if you have kids.  However, it is definitely worth it if you take the time to find something you will both love!  I have listed below a few local day trips that might be of interest.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: Visitor Tips!

Solvang Danish Village: Is It Worth It?

Epic Road Trip Itinerary: Los Angeles to San Francisco

San Diego Zoo Safari Park: Visitor Tips

Fun Date #11: Visit a pop-up!

Man and woman trapped on rock- Hollywood Museum of Illusions

It seems like there are constantly new pop ups.  I mean, there was even a taco pop up recently.  If people are interested in it, there is likely a pop up 😉

One of our more memorable experiences was at the Hollywood Museum of Illusions.  We went with our kids, but this would definitely be a fun date idea!>>>Hollywood Museum of Illusions: 10 Tips for A Great Experience

Fun Date #12: Head to a local theater

Some of my favorite theaters in the area are The Pantages, The Ahmanson, The Pasadena Playhouse, and The Soraya.  There are so many wonderful theaters in the area putting on quality shows.  You just have to look!

Heading out to the theater does not have to be cost prohibitive.  You can often find great discount tickets to local theater shows.  Check out our discount ticket page for discount tickets to local theater!>>> Discount Tickets

Fun Date #13: Enjoy a local holiday offering

Peacock arch at Chinese Lantern Festival

There are so many BEAUTIFUL holiday events in Southern California!

The lights, music, and general cheer of holiday events make for a wonderful date.  One of my favorite spots is the Chinese Lantern Festival held at the Pomona Fairplex.

Chinese Lantern Festival: Holiday Magic in Full Bloom!

10 Tips For Visiting The Chinese Lantern Festival

As with some other date ideas mentioned, you can find discount tickets to holiday events on our Goldstar discount ticket page>>> Discount Tickets

Fun Date #14 through…

Fun Date Ideas: Not your usual dinner and a movie!

Need more inspiration?  You can always head to our discount ticket page and find new events and pop ups happening local to you daily!  Check out our discount page here>>>Discount Tickets

I have gotten quite a few ideas for our dates and family outings just by looking at discount tickets that are available.  You never know what you will find, and that is half the fun!

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