Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love To Receive

Are you having a hard time figuring out what to buy another adult in your life?  Look no further!  This post contains gift ideas that everyone will love!  I hope that you will find this post to be a useful tool in planning for the holidays!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Instant Pot–  I’m sure you’ve heard of this and how everyone is raving about it.  I don’t think that the popularity is going to die down anytime soon. It’s important to note that there are various sizes.  Make sure to keep this in mind when buying this for someone.  If this person cooks for a family, you’ll probably want the biggest model.  If this is for a couple or single person, they might prefer the smaller model.

You might also want to consider pairing it with an Instant Pot cookbook.  This is definitely a different method of cooking.  There are some great cookbooks out there for the Instant Pot method of cooking.  I’ll link to the one that I love and use.

Air fryer: This is another one of those gadgets that everyone has been raving about.  I tried out a couple of recipes and everyone in the house loved them.  I am sure this gift would be a hit for a kitchen guru.

Electric Wine Opener:   Who has two thumbs and can’t open a wine bottle to save her life?  This gal!  This is a little random, but a fun gift.  I love that this set comes with everything you need for your wine bottles.


Roomba with virtual wall barrier: I L-O-V-E my Roomba!  My kids laugh because I call it my fiance.  My husband has just learned to accept it 😛

I love that this little machine thoroughly cleans all of my hard floors.  I don’t know how well it works on rugs, but it cleans up my hard floors like a dream.  It picks up pet hair too.  I would recommend buying it with a virtual wall barrier so that you can easily keep it in one room if you need to do so.

BTW: You can run these when you are not home.  If you have a pet…make sure that it is potty trained and will not have an accident when you are not home.  I have read a few horror stories…

Roomba Mop- Brava: Guys, I bought this one this past weekend off of Amazon during Black Friday.  I was hesitant and a little skeptical that it would work.  I will just say…I LOVE IT!  I have been using a steam mop for years, but sometimes, you just don’t have the time to mop!  This little gadget does the job for you.

In case you are wondering how it works (I didn’t fully get it until I used it)- you place a little Braava cleaning pad (it has cleaner on the pad itself), fill the machine with warm water, then press the button.  You can only put water in the machine itself.  I did not know this and purchased the resuable/washable pads.  I have to research how this works (i.e.- how to use a cleaner) with washable pads.

Essential Oil Diffuser with essential oils–  Essential oil diffusers vary in terms of how big of a room they can fill up with the scent.  You might want to factor this in when deciding on which model to purchase.  I would link to the one I bought, but it’s currently out of stock.  I found these to show you the variety of looks that you can find.

Mom, if you’re reading this, I want this pineapple diffuser 🙂


Subscription box- Fab Fit Fun, Women AND Men

I have been subscribed to this box for a couple of years now.  I have tried a few other subscriptions in the past, but have yet to find one like Fab Fit Fun.  I am not receiving free boxes (I wish!).  I just love this product and think that it’s a great gift for yourself or someone else.

I recently read that they are starting to make a Fab Fit Fun box for men.  I don’t know how good it is, but just throwing it out there.

You can sign up for a box for yourself or a friend by clicking here

Hulu Subscription: This is another subscription service that is an awesome gift.  Can you say Handmaid’s Tale?  My family cut cable a couple of years ago and we have never looked back.  Hulu has a lot of the shows that we like to watch.

Netflix SuscriptionEveryone knows Netflix, so I’ll just leave this one right here 😉

Subscriptions services (books, Gilmore Girls, etc.): As I mentioned before, there are now subscription boxes for everything.  They have one for makeup, foreign food, even Gilmore Girls!  I haven’t tried all of these, but they are a great idea for those people that have everything!

Magazine Subscriptions: This is an easy gift that keeps giving all year long.  Just be sure that the person receiving the gift actually likes the magazine!  Some ideas are golf magazines, beauty magazines, health magazines, home decor magazines, etc.

You can find plenty of magazine subscription deals via Amazon.  Take a look at the possibilities here.


National Parks:   Do you know someone that loves nature?  I saw a friend receive a pass as a gift and thought it was a fabulous gift ideas!  There are multiple special groups that get free and discounted passes.  For example, active military gets free passes and seniors get a discounted pass.  Take a look at the National Parks annual pass website here.

Groupon: You can find (and gift) all sorts of memberships through Groupon.  Some great annual memberships that I have personally purchased from Groupon include the Natural History Museum and the South Coast Botanic Gardens.

Aquarium of the Pacific: This is a wonderful place to visit and many families love it.  You can purchase a membership here

Amusement Parks: If you know someone that loves amusement parks, Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm annual passes would be great gift ideas.


Kindle Fire: There are various generations of kindles.  I recommend you take a look to decide which one you think is appropriate.

If you want a Kindle Fire only for reading, you might want to consider a Kindle Paper White instead.  I have owned both.  I love that I can read, search the internet, and watch shows on my Kindle Fire.  However, if I was only going to read on my Kindle, I would probably go with the paperwhite.

Echo Dot: We currently have the 2nd generation Echo Dot in our room, and the Echo with speaker in my kitchen.  I *love* it.  Now everybody can just tell Alexa when we run out of something and put it on our grocery list.  I can listen to whatever music I want, get answers to random questions, you name it.  It’s just awesome!

I just read about the Echo Spot and Echo Show.  Those look pretty cool too, but I don’t own them and can’t provide my own review for them.

Fire Stick:  We use the fire stick for streaming media.


Makeup Palettes: Who doesn’t love a good makeup palette?  Some of the best eyeshadow palettes are from the following brands (in my opinion):

  • Too Faced
  • Urban Decay
  • Bare Escentuals

Nail polish sets or Nail Polish Holder: If you know someone that loves and owns a lot of nail polish, I highly recommend this nail polish holder.  I bought (at least) one.  These are great and save so much space.

Foreo: I use Foreo products and would love to receive them as gifts!  I currently own two out of three of the items linked below.  I would love the new Foreo UFO Smart Mask and hope to own one in the future.

Face Steamer: This steamer is pretty cool.  It is basically a knock off of a big name brand steamer that costs a lot more money.  I’m here to tell you that this one works great and would make a lovely gift.

Random Ideas

Ancestry kit: This is perfect for those that have everything.

Lego: Lets not pretend to be shocked.  You know somebody that loves Legos and would go crazy for one of these.  The Star Wars and Simpsons sets in particular are likely to be popular among this set of people 😉

Collegiate or Sports Wear and tailgate gear:  I will include links for collegiate wear for the best university on the planet 😉

Fitbit: For the health nut in your life.  I own the Charge 2, this is the next generation.  I like this one because of the heart rate monitor function.  Check out the different models to see what you think your person might like.

Luggage: I told you this was random!  If you know someone that has to travel a lot for work, a nice carry on luggage would be a great gift.  Trust me, I used to be one of those people and I would have loved it!

BBQ Cooking Utensil Sets: Do you know someone that likes to BBQ?  If so, this would be a nice gift.  You just open up this little brief case and unexpectedly find a bunch of beautiful BBQ cooking untensils.

Golf putting green: I currently have a similar putting green in my living room.  Hubby loves it and the kids sometimes practice their putting too.  I like that it can easily be folded up and put away.

Power Blocks Weights: I own and love these.  My husband and I can both use them because it contains a wide range of weights- all in one compact space.  It doesn’t take up a bunch of room like individual barbells would.  I can’t say enough good things about these weights.

Did you get any good gift ideas from this list?  I hope so!  


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