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Hauntoween LA: A Safe Halloween Adventure

Hauntoween LA is a safe drive-thru Halloween celebration coming to Woodland Hills this October 9 through 31st!  Learn all about how we enjoyed a family-friendly Halloween experience from the safety of our car.

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What is Hauntoween LA?

Hauntoween LA is a family-friendly immersive Halloween drive-thru experience in Woodland Hills.  What does that mean?  It means that as you drive through the event, you will be met by music, sights, and experiences that throw you into the spirit of the season!  There are some decorated drive-thru tunnels, several “scenes,” and even a picture opportunity for your entire party.

What can I expect at Hauntoween LA?

If you’re looking for an experience where scary monsters and zombies jump out at you, this is NOT it!  The scariest thing you’ll see are skeletons and a few ghosts.  This is welcome for parents of young kids, and adults like me that just aren’t into feeling like they’re about to have a heart attack after someone pops out at them with a scary mask.

You can expect to spend about 20 minutes driving through the Hauntoween LA experience.  While driving at a 5 mph pace, you will be greeted by music, a pumpkin patch, and live band, and even “door-to-door” trick or treating!

Why is Hauntoween LA worth the money?

I will start out by stating the obvious…Halloween is looking very different this year.  My family will not be trick-or-treating door to door, having classroom parties, or having parties with friends this year.  I wanted to do something fun, but I did not want to do it at the expense of my family’s health.  My favorite part was watching my kids ooh and ahh at the displays and giggle as some of the silliness found throughout.

I was not sure how a drive-thru experience could possibly be immersive or engaging for us, but I am here to tell you that it was!  And each team member that was in the experience was very clearly excited to be there and make sure that kids had a memorable Halloween experience.

Now that I have prefaced all of this, here are some other reasons that I personally believe that Hauntoween LA is worth the money:

The admission fee is PER CAR, NOT per person.

Sometimes experiences that charge a fee per person are simply cost prohibitive for large families.  I love that this fee is charged per car.

This fee is not simply for driving through the experience, it is also for picture and video, candy, a pumpkin, and obviously, for the set up and individuals that are working the event.

I say take your minivan or SUV and pack-em in!

The trick or treating experience

Let’s talk about the candy and trick or treating experience for a minute.

First, as my daughter said, “I thought they were going to each give us just one piece of candy.  They did not skimp on the candy!”  I personally appreciated getting some of the loot as we drove home 😉

Second, the door-to-door trick or treating was entertaining.  You read that right, entertaining!  As you drive through, you will stop in front of each “home.”  Each home is decorated in a different theme and has an actor standing in front.

These actors really commit to their character and the kids LOVE IT!  The happiness just gushed from some of their faces as they yelled Happy Halloween and played their part.

My tip to you: Have your video and camera modes ready to go as soon as you come up along the houses!  Trust me, just start recording before you even know what they’re doing.  You’re welcome in advance 😉

Third, the candy involved no contact.  The actors at each doorstep had a long handled bucket with candy inside.  They put the basket in your window and dump the candy onto your kids.  No touching involved!  Also, the kids loved that it was raining candy.

The picture and video opportunities

You will be receiving a picture and video in your email box at the end of the experience!  I bet you’re wondering, “I thought we weren’t getting out of the car.”  You’re not!

The video opportunity is taken right when you drive through the first tunnel.  If you want to get everyone in the video, roll down your windows and poke your heads through.  We didn’t know this.  Live and learn!


The photo opportunity comes in mid-way through the experience.  We all came up to the windows on one side of the car and got a fun picture.  I encourage you to check out the tags of Hauntoween LA on Instagram.  You’ll see plenty of fun poses and get some inspiration!

Hauntoween LA: A Safe Drive-Thru Halloween Celebration

A beautiful pumpkin to take home

A pumpkin will be selected for you and brought to your car.  In order to avoid contact, an employee will greet you and then ask you to pop your trunk.  They show you the pumpkin they picked and then place it in the trunk for you.  My husband took a good look at the pumpkin and said, “Wow, the guy wasn’t joking!  This is a really nice big pumpkin!”  So, looks like they don’t mess around with either candy or pumpkins 😉

Fun from the safety of your car

I think this one deserves repeating.  You get to have fun while being in the safety of your own car.  I didn’t have to worry about  people getting too close to us or not wearing their mask properly.  In addition, you only have to wear a mask if you’re talking to a cast member or have your windows rolled down.  My husband in particular loved that you can wear whatever you want and just relax in your car.


Tips for making the most of your experience

There are just a few things you want to keep in mind to maximize the fun:

  • Sign your waivers online before you arrive.  I filled in a waiver online when I received my ticket.  No need to print.  Just fill it in for both adults and kids that will be in your car.  You will receive a confirmation that they were completed via email.
  • Arrive early. Aim to get there 15 minutes early.  You don’t want to miss your time slot.  Trust me, there were plenty of cars lined up waiting to get in.
  • Leave your ticket bar code open throughout the experience.  We had to pull it out for admission, for the video, then again for the picture.  The code links back to your email and is where you will receive your video and picture!
  • Wash your car!  Your car will be in the video and picture.  Prepare accordingly!
  • Strike a pose.  When taking your picture, make sure everyone squishes together and puts their head out of the window to get a clear pic of everyone in the car.  Pull your mask off after you check in with an employee for your picture!
  • Have your camera ready at all times!  You never know what is waiting around each corner and what you’ll want a shot of.  My biggest regret was not capturing the mafia actor on video when he gave candy to the girls.  Don’t make the same mistake!

Quick Facts:

Where to buy tickets:

Head over to the Hauntoween LA website HERE to grab a single ticket for your car.


$70 PER VEHICLE.  This means you do not have to buy a ticket for each person in your car 😉  This is especially great for big families and those families with older kids.


6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Got more questions?

Head over to the Hauntoween LA website FAQ page HERE.  They list several FAQ’s that are sure to answer any question you might have 😉

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