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Holiday Tablescape DIY: Rustic and Plaid

If you’re looking for a Holiday Tablescape DIY with a rustic and plaid flair, you’ve come to the right place!  I wanted to keep the table more simple this year and I am loving the outcome.  This is a great setup for holiday get-togethers and nightly dinners at home.

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This rustic and plaid DIY tablescape is great for a more simple, yet festive dining experience.  I am all about the red and black plaid this year!  This is a complete 180 from my usual glittery holiday tablescape, yet it has quickly become one of my favorites!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flameless taper candles
  • Circular iron candle holders
  • Plaid plate chargers
  • Cloth napkins
  • Small wooden rounds
  • Paper clips
  • Scrapbook paper and pen

  • Plain white plates
  • Plastic napkin ring holders
  • Wooden coasters
  • Wood box-rectangular

  • Ribbon- Burlap and lace material
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pine cone and greenery garland
  • Greenery with berries

I have provided some Amazon links above for supplies listed here.  However, I did find the plaid plate chargers, plain napkin rings, and flameless taper candles at the local dollar store.  Shocking, right?

You might recognize a few items from this tablescape from prior DIY tablescapes and centerpieces I have shared with you.  The rustic wooden box can be used any number of ways.  The white plates with embossed edges (linked to Amazon above) are timeless and can be used in various setups.  Of course, plain color cloth napkins can always be reused.  You can find links to some other DIY tablescapes at the end of this post.

Let’s Put it all together!

One of the things I love about this tablescape is that it is very easy to put together!  It is also casual enough to use for every day dining (and we do!).

Step 1: Decorate your napkin rings

This step requires a glue gun, plastic napkin ring, and burlap ribbon.  It’s super simple, so don’t claim your lack of craftiness prevents you from making it 😉

Just find a thick burlap ribbon that will cover the entire napkin ring, then hot glue the ribbon around.  Be sure to finish off the ends (i.e.- fold the edge before gluing) so that your napkin ring looks store-bought.

Step 2: Place greenery in the rustic wood box.

I used two large sprigs of greenery and simply laid them inside the box in opposing directions.  I didn’t bother with floral foam.  The greenery covers nicely and it still looks beautiful from the chair view.

Step 3: Add greenery to the iron candle rings.

I picked up some small greenery garland with mini pinecones at Michael’s.  Weave the garland of your choice along the circumference of the iron circle.  Twist off the end to finish off.  Most faux garland has wire inside, making it easy to twist off the ends.

Add your flameless candles and this step is complete!

Step 4: Make rustic wooden place cards.

Pick up a medium size branch from your hard and slice into even pieces that can be stood up on a flat surface.  Or, do like me and buy a small bag at the local craft of dollar store.

Take a paper clip and hot glue one end to the wooden piece.  Take some thick cardstock, write each person’s name, and stick into the paper clip.  Done!

Step 5: Add plaid chargers and white plates.

Step 6: Add wooden coasters for drinks!

I did not use a tablecloth for this tablescape because it took away from the rustic aesthetic I was going for.  BEWARE: If you have toddlers or people prone to spilling at your table, you don’t want to go this route 😉

Step 7: Enjoy a great meal with friends and loved ones!

This table is simple, yet inviting.  I think it invites everyone to hang around the table longer and just enjoy one another’s company.

Please let us know if you make this DIY!  Be sure to tag us on our social media @asocalwayoflife

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