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Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive Thru: A Car Lover’s Dream!

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive Thru is a must see event for car lovers!  If you are looking for a great present, this is a must for any Hot Wheels enthusiast.  Read on to learn what you can expect when you visit the Ultimate Drive Thru at the Toyota Arena in Ontario this December through January 10th!

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive Thru: A Car Lover's Dream!


A SoCal received a ticket to attend this event in exchange for our written review.  All opinions are honest and my own.  This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  A SoCal Way of Life earns a commission from all qualifying purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

Checking out cars while cruising

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive Thru is a 100% stay-in-your-car experience.  There is an entire mile worth of track to drive through, where you’ll find some beautiful cars lit up with spot lights and a sign next to each one giving you some details about what you’re looking at.  Although there are a few light tunnels, this is not a holiday-themed event.  The focus of this event is purely on the cars themselves.

Cars everywhere you look!

There’s just something about these miniature cars that brings such joy!  I grew up with a dad that is always fixing up cars, many of them classics.  So, I admit that driving through the Hot Wheels drive thru appealed to me.  Another factor?  My family recently discovered Monster Jam and we developed an appreciation for those monster trucks too!

This drive-thru has ALL of the cars!  There are over 50 cars included in this drive thru.  Just some of the cars include:

  • Hot Wheels Hall of Fame that includes Twin Mill, Deora, and Bone Shaker (trademarked), just to name a few!
  • Bigfoot trucks (multiple versions!)
  • A 4-story Megasauraus
  • Garage of Legends and specialty cars (these are super fun to look at!)
  • Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Epic Show Trucks

What was special about this drive-thru?

Aside from the fact that there were life-size hot wheels everywhere?  There were a few points that really stood out to me:

  1.  I LOVED that every single car entering the drive thru got a 3-pack of Hot Wheels!  No exception.  My oldest immediately claimed the VW bug as her own 😉  You get the hot wheels right before you start the drive-thru.
  2. The 20 minute drive through music and Hot Wheels trivia.  We streamed a 20 minute recording (provided by the Hot Wheels Drive-Thru) during our experience.  We learned all about how Hot Wheels started, and some fun facts about some of the cars we were seeing.
  3. The 4-Story Megasauraus!  It was pretty neat to see this robotic dinosaur in a scene that looked like it was eating the cars for lunch.

    Picture by Meg Little at Ignite Partners
  4. We got a picture to commemorate our visit– included with the ticket!

What were some of the family favorites?

I personally loved the muscle cars!  The hubby liked the turbo golf cart, while the entire family liked the Star Wars themed cars on display.

Who do you recommend this for?

I highly recommend the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru for car enthusiasts.  I think this would be an excellent holiday present for a little one that likes Hot Wheels or cars in general.

How long did the drive-thru take?

The Hot Wheels event site suggests that the event takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.  However, weekends tend to be busier.  Our personal experience?  It took us an hour from start to finish.  The event itself was quite large, and there were plenty of people there wanting to drive thru.  Stops for digital pictures, though quick once you actually got your picture taken, were another factor in making the drive-thru a bit longer when we attended.

Some rules you should know:

  • Only standard vehicles with three rows of seating or less are permitted within the course. No limos, party buses or buses are
  • Passengers are not allowed to sit in truck beds.
  • There are no restrooms on site and you need to remain in your car.
  • Pets are allowed as long as they stay in the car.  I saw one dog happily looking out the window at the cars!

Basic Details about the Drive-Thru

Event Dates and times:

Tickets are available every day through January 10th however start times vary by day.  Check the hours of operation calendar for more details.

Ticket prices:

**Use code KIDS10 for $10 off your pass!**

Monday through Thursday: $45 per car when purchased in advance, $55 per car when purchased at the gate.

Friday through Sunday: $50 when purchased in advance, $60 per car when purchased at the gate.

*Every ticket purchase includes one 3-pack of hot wheels and one digital photo!*

Add on packages:

You can purchase add on packages when purchasing your tickets.  The following add-on packages are available:

  • Toy Pack for $29.99
  • Big Foot Super Duty Pack for $29.99

*Visit the Hot Wheels Drive Thru site for more details.

Purchase Tickets: Hot Wheels Drive Thru Tickets

Address: 4000 Ontario Center, Ontario, CA 91764

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