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How To Celebrate Hollywood Premiere Style!

Celebrate your kid or special someone Hollywood premiere style!  All you need are 5 products and some items around the house to pull together a stellar celebration that makes your birthday person feel like they were celebrated this year.

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Covid does NOT mean no celebrating!

If I told you you could throw together a birthday Hollywood premiere style (that looks FABULOUS!) with just 5 products and some items around the house, would you believe me?  Well, necessity (and corona virus lockdown) is the mother of invention!

I had a birthday to put together one month into the strict LA County lockdown.  I’m talking, the only thing open was grocery stores and Target for essential items ONLY.  Party supply stores?  Psh!  They were all shut down and there wasn’t even curbside pickup available at the time!

I immediately logged on to Amazon to see what I could do.  Amazon Prime had everything I needed and delivered everything to my door at a time when delivery was unreliable.

If you have never tried Amazon Prime, I highly recommend you try it out.  You can get a 30-day trial offer through my link HERE.

5 items to celebrate Hollywood premiere style

Yes!  Just 5 items will make it a breeze to turn your home into a Hollywood premier venue.

In no particular order, the 5 products I used were:

Items from around the house included:

  • Tape
  • A sharpie marker
  • Metal straws
  • 3M hooks

Let’s Get this Hollywood Premiere Started!

This all comes together fairly quickly.  I was able to put everything together late at night after everyone went to bed!

Step 1: Start with the Red Carpet

You are going to designate a red carpet walkway to get started.  I made the red carpet lead down the hallway and into the dining area for maximum impact.  I taped one end to the floor, then just kicked the roll to the other end.  Tape down.  Viola!  You’re done.

I LOVE this red table cloth roll!  It is 100 feet long and therefore provides you with plenty of material to work with and use for the theater setup.

Step 2: Add your Hollywood Premiere “Red Velvet ropes”

This one was a bit tricky for me as I didn’t know where I would be able to attach ropes.  There are all sorts of creative ideas online for how to make the posts that hold up ropes.  Unfortunately, I was unable to run out and grab the items to make them 😉

I like these streamers for this particular setup because they were textured, multi-dimensional, and SUPER long (over 11.5 feet)!  They are also reusable 🙂

How to attach them?  Use door handles and chair ends!  If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that’s what I did.  This worked super well as each end of the streamers has a white loop to attach to.  You can also use 3M hooks if you like along the wall for temporary hanging.

Step 3: Prepare the “Presentation area”

Another item that I recommend using is stars- EVERYWHERE!

I was thrilled to find these pre-made star garlands and used them throughout the house.  Use 3M hooks and thumb tacks to temporarily hang the garland as swag.

Throw a light up letter board to make the presentation/premier area more authentic.  I had one already, but here’s a highly recommended one I found: letter marquis light box.

Step 4: Add a red carpet backdrop and mic for pre-movie interviews!

Trust me when I say, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!  I was sure that my kids would roll their eyes and say this was cheesy.  I almost abandoned this idea altogether.  But it turns out, this was EVERYBODY’S favorite part!

I clipped a red carpet backdrop to the curtains at the end of the runway.  Then, I pulled out our microphone with speaker (there are highly rated, inexpensive mics  on Amazon).  At the end of the day, you can pretend anything is a mic and still do the interviews 😉

Everyone in the house pulled out something red carpet worthy from their closet and threw it on.  Next, I had each person walk down the red carpet with music playing and everyone (aka the other 3 people in the house 😉 cheering and clapping for them.  Oh my goodness was that a blast!

After everyone walked down the red carpet, we had our interviews.  We took out a phone and made a video of the entire event.  We each took turns sitting in the chair and answering questions.  The dog even got in on it!  Make sure to video tape this as you will no doubt treasure your kids’ responses down the road.

Step 5: Prepare the viewing area!

Remember that roll of red plastic tablecloth?  We have some more use for it here.  You can make a “curtain” for your tv, just like you see at the movies.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut the table cloth to desired lengths for each side.
  2. Punch holes at intervals across what will be the top of each curtain.
  3. Thread a metal straw through the holes.
  4. Place 3M hooks (that are easily removed from walls without ruining them) to the ceiling.  You’ll want 2 hooks per “panel.”  Rest the ends of the straw on each hook.  Repeat with other panel.
  5. Take a rectangular piece of tablecloth and connect each end to the hooks holding the straws.  That’s it!

Grab some paper bags, cut out or use a punch to make some designs, and put tea lights in them.

Step 6: Make a Star Walk with your favorites!

I grabbed these jumbo stars and added a rectangle of cardstock in the middle.  I then wrote the names of bands, actors, and musicians that the birthday girl likes.  This definitely gives the vibe of walking on Hollywood Boulevard!

Be sure to save a gold star to write “VIP” and place it on the birthday girl/boy’s door or chair!

Who will your Hollywood premiere be celebrating?

No matter who you are celebrating or their age, a Hollywood premiere style party is fun for all ages. Above all, make sure to get lots of pictures and video!

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