LEGO Set Storage DIY for Frustrated Parents

Do you love that your kids love LEGO sets?  Are you not loving the storage dilemma it poses?  Read on for one of our favorite LEGO Set Storage DIY solutions!

LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents

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LEGO Sets Gone Wild

Did your kids ask for yet ANOTHER LEGO set for their birthday or Christmas?  I feel your pain my friends.  You see, my daughters love LEGO, and my oldest has been asking for them pretty much every holiday from every person willing to buy her a present.  Add another kid to the mix and…yeah.

We have gone through a Heartlake City phase in my family.  Lets just say that the amusement park series is the straw that broke the camel’s back.  You win this round LEGO company… an amusement park with all of the individual stands and rides was a stroke of genius.  You have multiple sets to sell…and parents have to figure out where to store the sets once they are beautifully completed.LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents

LEGO sets are beautiful to look at, and you know it takes plenty of time for your kids to put them together.  Naturally, they want to showcase them or store them in a way that allows them to keep the sets intact.

To Your Room I Say!

Storage at my house is at a premium…and we don’t want LEGO sets to be our only pieces of home decor.  So, after all potential closet and shelf space was reasonably used up, I took to looking under my daughter’s bed.

FOR THE RECORD: My mom (Mama SoCal) does not agree with storing things under the bed.  😀  However, my Mom didn’t have a Master Builder in the house when I was a kid 😛

LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents
Mama SoCal and me.

Plan Ahead…

I wanted to create a storage solution that would allow my daughters to easily pull out their LEGO sets to play whenever they felt like it.  I also wanted to ensure that it was easy for them to pull it in and out.LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents

If you have nice plush carpet in the room, you might want to do away with the wheels altogether.

I have hardwood floors in my daughter’s bedroom.  Therefore, I had to ensure that the storage solution would glide out easily from under the bed without scratching the floor.LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents

Before starting our project, we measured the width, length, and height of the area under the bed (so 3rd grade math IS useful after all 😉

Buy Your Supplies

We visited the local home improvement store for our supplies.  We purchased the following:

  • Ply wood: We had it cut down to our specified measurements-free of charge- inside the store.
  • Molding: We wanted to add a nice finish to the storage platform.LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents
  • Casters (wheels): We attach these to the bottom of the storage platform.  We purchased 8 because we made 2 separate storage platforms.LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents
  • Screws: To attach the caster wheels.
  • Paint: To decorate the board (we had left over paint from a different painting project).LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents


I’m sorry to say that we built these prior to me starting a blog.  I didn’t think to take pictures.  However, the steps are pretty self-explanatory.

Here are the steps:

  1. Cut wood down to size.
  2. Paint all wood desired color, including trim.  Allow paint to dry.
  3. Screw casters onto each corner of the wood platform.
  4. Nail decorative trim to top of wood.
  5. Place Lego sets on top and enjoy.


That is it!  My kids love that they can pull them out whenever they want to look at or play with these sets.  I love it because it’s out of sight, out of mind.  Also, it doesn’t take up valuable real estate in the rest of the house.LEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents




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