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Minnie Mouse Witch Halloween DIY

This Minnie Mouse Witch Halloween DIY is sure to spruce up your Halloween décor!  Read on for the super simple DIY steps to make your very own!

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I’m not crafty, is it easy to make?

If you can use glue and toothpicks, you can SO make this!  If you have a Minnie-loving toddler, they will be amazed at your crafting abilities 😉  Trust me, ANYBODY can make this adorable Minnie Mouse Witch Halloween DIY!

Which supplies will I need?

The supplies for this Minnie Mouse Witch Halloween DIY are easy to find at your local craft store or Amazon.  If you’re lucky, you can even find the Styrofoam pieces at your local dollar store!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 large Styrofoam ball.
  • 2 small to medium Styrofoam balls (place them next to the large ball to decide which size makes for good Minnie ears)
  • One Styrofoam disk
  • Black paint
  • Foam painting tool
  • Stick with witch hat attached to one end.
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Hot glue gun and glue

Build your own Minnie Mouse Witch

Once you have painted and dried your Styrofoam pieces, this project comes together super quick!

Step 1: Let’s paint!

Use a foam paint “brush” to paint your Styrofoam pieces black.

If you want to make the paint job quick, I’d suggest stabbing the Styrofoam with a stick and holding it up to paint.  You can then stab the other end into another piece of flat Styrofoam to dry.

I recommend using a dabbing painting motion instead of a paint stroke motion.  This ensures that Styrofoam pieces don’t come off, and also fills in holes in the Styrofoam.  I wound up having to do some touchup painting after the first round of painting.

*Note: You do NOT want to use spray paint on the Styrofoam.  The spray paint will eat away at the Styrofoam.

Step 2: Add Halloween flair to the stand

Pick a fun Halloween theme ribbon (or just Halloween colors) and hot glue it to the edges of the disc.  I almost used a purple rhinestone ribbon instead (in case you’re wanting to get extra fancy).  Even a basic purple or orange ribbon would look great on this Minnie Mouse Witch Halloween DIY.

Step 3: Heads up!

Hot glue the large Styrofoam ball to the disc.

Step 4: It’s all about the ears baby!

Stab each of the two smaller Styrofoam balls with a toothpick.  Be sure to leave half of the stick exposed.  Then, push each ball into either side of the large Styrofoam ball (aka- Stab the head!).

Step 5: Add a witchy hat!

I was lucky enough to find these witch hats on a pick at the local Dollar Tree (!).  They came in a pack of three.

If you are unable to find these, make your own in a cinch! 

  • Grab a piece of black construction paper, fold it in a cone shape and tape the inside to hold the shape.
  • Take a pipe cleaner in whichever color you desire, and glue around the hat in a stripe shape.
  • Grab some black felt and cut out a circle shape for the hat brim.  Be sure to cut an opening.  Then blue to the cone.
  • Grab a wooden kabob skewer or toothpick and hot glue to the inside of the hat.  Be sure to leave some toothpick exposed so that you can push the hat into the “Minnie head.”

Once you have a witch hat, just poke the stick in between the ears in a visually appealing way.

Step 6: Enjoy your work and the admiration!

Minnie Mouse lovers in your live will absolutely LOVE this little work of art.  It’s a great addition to your Halloween decor and to get your home in the mood for the season!  Be sure to share your Minnie Mouse Witch Halloween DIY on Instagram and tag us @asocalwayoflife!

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