M&M World Vegas: Is it Worth It?

Las Vegas’ M&M World is one of my family’s favorite places to visit on the Vegas strip.  Read on to learn more about what you can experience there!M&M Store Entrance

About M&M World

Las Vegas’ M&M World is a 28,000 square foot store dedicated to M&Ms.  This is the first ever M&M World location.  There are now M&M World locations in New York, Orlando, Shanghai, and London.

M&M World is located on the Vegas strip, right next to the MGM Hotel and Casino.  You can also park in New York New York Hotel and walk across the bridge to get to M&M World.

M&M Explosion!

Walking into M&M World makes you feel like a kid again.  The smell of chocolate alone makes my heart sing!

There are 4 levels in this store…yes, 4 levels!M&M World floor level signs  When you enter the first level, you will find a lot of wearable M&M merchandise.  There are fun shirts, cups and blankets.M&M World Merchandise
Wall of M&M cups

One of my favorite things at M&M World is taking the escalator from the first floor to the second floor.  You will see pictures representing how M&Ms looked in commercials over the span of several decades.  Maybe this is the history nerd in me, but I think you’ll enjoy it too!M&M 1954 cartoonsM&M cartoon from 1960's

M&M cartoons from 1960s
Um…I’m just going to leave this one right here.

M&M cartoons from 1970sM&M Cartoons from 1980'sM&M cartoons from 1980's

M&M Eutopia

When you arrive at the second floor, you will see a wall with every M&M flavor.M&M candy wallWe even found flavors we didn’t even know existed!  The wall is a rainbow of colors and is beautiful.M&M Candy wallYou can grab a bag and fill it with any mix of M&Ms that you want.  But beware, these bags are charged by the pound.  I believe that the cost was $6.99 per pound.  Also, the levers pour out the candy very generously.  We personally reserve our choices to M&Ms that we have never tasted before.

Right next to the wall of M&Ms there are various kinds of M&M dispensers available for purchase.  These are so fun!  My personal favorite is the one shaped like a hot rod.M&M hot rod dispenserM&M Statue of Liberty DispenserM&M airplane candy dispenser

There is also an option to make personalized M&Ms on this floor.  I’ve never made any, but looks like a fun gift.M&M machine to personalize candy

3D Movie Experience

M&M movie stars posingHead on up to the third floor after you have enjoyed checking out the rainbow of M&Ms.  You will not only find M&M pajamas of all sizes on this floor, but also a short free 3D M&M movie!

The 3D Movie is called “I Lost My ‘M’ in Vegas.”  This is a cute movie and most kids love the 3D effects.M&M 3D movie sign

Meet an M&M

If you want to meet and take a picture with an M&M, take the escalator to the fourth floor.  You will find an M&M standing in front of a replica M&M sponsored NASCAR.  You can also purchase some NASCAR M&M merchandise on this floor.

M&M standing in front of NASCAR race car

My family absolutely loves visiting M&M World every time we head out to Las Vegas.  It’s fun to see what new merchandise they come out with.  The kids are always excited to see if there is a new flavor.  Yeah…right…the kids are the ones that want to try out the M&Ms! 😉

Quick Facts

Here are some quick bits of information for you:

Location: 3785 Showcase Mall, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Hours: 9am to 12 am daily

3D Movie times: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: 9am-8pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 9am-6pm  


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