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Monster Jam: Tips to maximize your fun!

Have you ever seen ads for Monster Jam and wondered what all the hype is about?  We recently went to the Monster Jam Superstar Challenge and are ready to share our experience and tips for your future visit.

Monster Jam Family pic with El Toro

Feld Entertainment hosted our visit to Monster Jam Superstar Challenge.  All views presented here are honest and our own.

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What is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is a high energy monster truck show.  Sounds cheesy, but it’s true and the only way I know to best explain it, lol.  There are fireworks, live announcers, interviews, huge screens, crazy loud engines and spectators (yes, I was one of them).

The entire event is hosted by multiple announcers.  The best way I can describe the format is if you watched a WWE match on t.v.  They interview drivers, they involve the crowd with interviews…basically, you are entertained even while waiting for the trucks to come out and start competing.Monster Jam car lineup

The majority of the show is spent with trucks going head-to-head racing or doing free-style competitions.  What is free-style?  I’m glad you asked 😉  Freestyle is when you’ll see these 12,000 pound trucks do back flips, donuts, and corkscrews in the air.  It’s wild and it’s fun!

Pre-show, there is a pit party (extra ticket required).  I would call this, “The show before the show.”  There are BMX bikes and motorcycles doing freestyle tricks.  My favorite part though is going up to the actual monster trucks and getting an up close look.  Some even have the drivers next to them available for pictures and autographs.

Head over to our Instagram @asocalwayoflife to see some footage of the event!

What is special about Super Challenge?

This was our first Super Challenge.  During the superchallenge, there were two teams- Team Nitro and Team Neon.  Each team had a team of drivers with their own trucks.  They competed one-on-one in races and individual freestyle.  The team with the most points win.  It definitely adds an extra level of fun to the Monster Jam experience.

Will my entire family enjoy Monster Jam?

For those that think only boys will enjoy this show, think again.  My girls and I love going to an afternoon tea, yet we have a blast watching these monster trucks do their tricks.  If you don’t believe me, be sure to check out my previous post about our last visit to Monster Jam, MONSTER JAM: It’s not just for boys!

Another things that holds the attention of kids of all ages?  The characters for each of these trucks!  There’s a zombie, there are dogs, even a truck with a mohawk.  It makes it that much more entertaining.Monster Jam truck, Zombie

Any tips when we go?

Take ear plugs or headphones

DO NOT FORGET YOUR EAR PLUGS OR HEADPHONES!  I’m not joking.  It is SUPER loud with all of the engine revving.  It is so loud that your chair vibrates.  And honestly, even if the trucks weren’t loud, the fans cheering will make you reach for the headphones.

Dress in layers, bring sweaters!

Our experience both times has been that it starts out warm during the day.  Then, as night comes, it gets super cold in the stadium.  At a minimum, bring a sweater.  Be extra comfortable and dress in layers.

Bring credit

This specific show was at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  It turns out they don’t take cash (at least the level we were sitting on).  You’ll want to take a credit card.  The poor guy next to us learned the hard way and couldn’t buy a pretzel.  Be prepared!

Go to the pit party at least once

The pit party requires additional cost, so I understand if some might shy away from going every time they head to a Monster Jam event.  But honestly, do it at least once, especially for a birthday or special occasion.  Walking up to the trucks and getting a true sense of how gigantic they are and meeting the drivers is a unique experience.

Be prepared for the cost of parking

This one was a hard pill to swallow.  We pulled up thinking parking would be $20 (yikes).  When we got there, it wound up being $40 (What the actual…).  Yes, I looked online beforehand, it didn’t specify.  So, my friends, mentally prepare for the price of parking.  Truthfully, that seems to be the case at most events now.

Grab a Monster Jam Toy before heading out

There were advertising some really fun Monster Jam toys at the event.  I’m not a kid and it made ME want one.  They had race tracks and even remote control trucks that work on water, snow, grass, dirt…fun.  I found just some of the Monster Jam merchandise on Amazon HERE.

Where do I get Monster Jam info and tickets?

Monster Jam shows are on year round.  Head over to the Monster Jam website for the up to date show calendar and locations.  Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster.

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