Beach Essentials: Top 10 Must Haves!

I *LOVE* going to the beach!  There’s nothing better than relaxing under an umbrella and taking in the fresh air.  Over the years, I’ve tried various umbrellas, chairs, etc. and have definitely found my top 10 beach essentials.

10 must-have beach items

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1. Tommy Bahama Umbrella:

My friends, we have tried so many umbrellas over the years.   They always seemed to be too flimsy to withstand the beach trip.  If the wind picked up, the umbrella always wound up being blown away by the wind no matter how well we put it in the sand.  Sometimes the material didn’t hold up, or the mechanisms that open the umbrella broke.

Enter our first beach essential item…the Tommy Bahama Umbrella.  This thing is magical!  A friend recommended we purchase this umbrella after we complained that our umbrellas kept breaking and or flying away.  This umbrella has a pointy screw-like bottom with fold-out handles that help you screw the umbrella deep into the sand.  The umbrella is durable and shades well.  We have had it for years at this point and it was well worth the investment.  Must-have beach item-Tommy Bahama Beach UmbrellaMust-have beach item-Tommy Bahama beach umbrella

2. Reusable insulated bottles:

Do you hate taking ice cold water with you to the beach only to find that it turns lukewarm or hot after a while?  A reusable insulated bottle is definitely a beach essential.  I know some people like placing water bottles in the freezer, but I find that the reusable insulated bottles keep water cold for much longer (aka- hours!).  Also, the container is reusable and therefore more environmentally friendly.

Two of my family’s favorite reusable insulated water bottles are this Thermos bottle, and this Contigo bottle.  We like these bottles because they keep our water cold, only require one hand to open and close, and can be “locked” to prevent water spills.

3. Reusable ice packs:

Reusable ice packs are great to use for the beach, picnics, sporting events, etc. You don’t have to worry about having ice on hand at all times.  Just keep it in the freezer and place it in an ice chest or insulated bag when you need it!

4. Insulated Reusable Bags

This beach essential item is awesome for so many uses.  These bags aren’t just great for trips to the market.  Insulated reusable bags work really well and are the perfect size when I don’t want to lug around a big cooler.  I just throw in some reusable ice packs and our picnic lunch is ready to go.Must-have beach item-reusable insulated bag

I also love using a reusable insulated bag at the beach because it fits well inside my next favorite beach item…

5. Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

I’ve used this beach essential for many events, not just the beach.Must-have beach item- Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

I especially love to use this Tommy Bahama Beach Cart when I go to the beach alone with the kids.

Some of the reasons this cart is a beach essential include:

  •    The back wheels easily glide over the sand

    Must-have beach item- Tommy Bahama beach cart
    If you tilt the cart on the big wheels, you can easily pull it across the sand.
  •    The side of the cart has a holder for a beach umbrella
  •    The cart has a front bar to hang beach chairs10 must-have beach items
  •    There is a back pocket for phones, sunblock, and other random small items.
  •    Large middle area for towels, thermal bags, beach toys, etc.
  •    I can even squeeze in the boogie boards!

Basically, you can go to the beach alone without having to carry everything while chasing after kids.  People always ask where I got it.  Oftentimes, my kids want to push the cart and I don’t have to do any work.  It’s a win win!

6. Roll up picnic blankets:

In addition to chairs, I like to take one or two of these roll-up beach blankets. I picked mine up a while back.  I personally prefer blankets that are machine washable and roll up to be compact.  You can even find this beach essential with a side that is water proof.  They are great to use for picnics at the park as well.Must-have beach item- Waterproof, washable picnic blanket

7. Baby wipes and sanitizer:

These come in handy when it’s time to eat. Did I mention that we love Jersey Mike’s and pringles?  They travel well and are perfect for a beach day.

8.  Boogie Boards:

Boogie Boards are a beach essential that provide hours of entertainment for everybody.  I highly recommend you get one with a chord that you can attach to your wrist.  Catch a wave!Must-have beach item- boogie board

9. Tommy Bahama Beach Chair:

My family just really love these Tommy Bahama products!  I finally broke down this year and bought a pair.  These babies are amazing.

Must-have beach item-Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

    • You can wear them as a back pack
    • There’s a small cooler on the back
    • It has a small pocket in the back
    • There is a towel bar in the backMust-have beach item-Tommy Bahama beach chair
  • There are hanging pockets along the arm rest for your phone, etc.
  • There’s a head rest pillow (!)
  • You can recline the beach chair to lying down position. Say what?!

Here’s a link to a Tommy Bahama Beach Chair on Amazon.

10. Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

I personally love to listen to music on the beach! Just don’t be one of those people that makes the entire beach listen to it with you. 😉  I love to play songs already saved to my phone.  Just put it a portable waterproof bluetooth speaker in your bag and you’re set!Must-have beach items-phone and power bank

Bonus: Check out these Scavenger Hunt Printables for your little ones! Be sure to take some printables with you for some extra fun at the beach.

Have a great time at the beach and don’t forget your hat and sunblock!


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