NH Tutor: A Parent’s Helping Hand during Online Learning

Are you looking for a helping hand during your child’s online learning venture?  I recommend you check out NH Tutor to get the learning support your family needs!  Read on for details about our experience using NH Tutor.

A special thanks to NH Tutor for providing this sponsored opportunity.  This is a sponsored opportunity, however all opinions are honest and my own.  This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  All purchases made through these links will help support this site at no extra cost to you.

What is NH Tutor?

NH Tutor is an online tutoring company.  Children are able to get help with schoolwork via Zoom from experienced educators and credentialed teachers.  Students get accountability in these sessions to get work done, and also receive study skills in the process.

Students can receive tutoring via a group accountability session, private session, or a learning pod (coming soon).  The group accountability sessions involve a small group of students in similar grade levels and range from 50 minutes to 2 hours.  Private sessions are for individual students and are available for as low as $56.25 per 50 minute session.

Who should consider NH Tutor as a resource?

Parents and students are being stretched thin during distance learning.  Parents need to get work done both inside and outside of the home, while still being a learning coach for their child.  As a parent I am happy to help my children whenever they need it.  However, I am the first to admit that I am not an expert in each topic and or I have forgotten some things I learned when I was their age.   Having a credentialed, experienced educator available to help my child when I need a some extra support is reassuring.

Who can benefit from NH Tutor?

  • Those that prefer not to drive their child to a tutor.
  • Individuals concerned about in-person contact due to Covid.
  • Children needing accountability to get work done.
  • Students needing help developing study skills.
  • Parents wanting tutors with education experience.

What was your NH Tutor session like?

I went to the NH Tutor website and chose a session that worked for me.  I was able to select whether I wanted a group or private session, the time of the session (based upon availability), and could also see which tutor would be leading each available session.

After signing up for sessions for both my elementary and middle school students, I received a confirmation email.  Each tutor sent a form before the session asking for details about my child’s interests and areas that she might need help on.  As a parent, I appreciated that I could be kept in the loop throughout the entire process even if I was unavailable during the actual session.

I signed up both girls for group sessions.  After an ice breaker at the beginning of the session, the tutors placed children in different zoom breakout rooms.  This allowed for a child to get some individual attention when needed and to work without distraction from other students.  It also gives the student some privacy when asking for help with work.  This privacy is important to me as I feel that it ensures that my child won’t be scared that other kids will judge them for asking a question.

Both children asked questions and received tips on how to study.

Once the session was nearly over, the tutors either played a short game of hangman with the kids (elementary group) or asked the kids to share their hobbies (middle school group).

Both girls said that they felt the session was helpful.  My oldest in particular felt more confident about her study plan for an upcoming science test.

Why would I recommend NH Tutor?

There are many reasons that I would recommend NH Tutors to my readers and fellow parents.

NH Tutors care about kids

I love that both tutors got to know my kids via the pre-session survey and during class.  The ice breaker questions and games definitely put my kids in a good mood and ready to learn.  That’s saying a lot given that they had been on Zoom for class all week and it was a Friday!

Tutors provided study tips

My middle school child received very helpful study tips from her tutor during her session.  My daughter was a bit overwhelmed by all of the information that she had to learn for an upcoming test.  Her tutor picked up on my child’s stress and came up with a plan to make studying less onerous for her.  The after session report even indicated that the tutor picked up on my kid’s distress and she came up with a plan of action.  Parents, you know that this is big!

In addition, my 5th grader was concerned about class tests on reading comprehension.  She described her past experience with these tests and asked the tutor for suggestions.  The tutor provided tips on how to approach reading comprehension.  Then, she provided a short reading material for my daughter and asked some reading comprehension questions after.

Tutors are prepared for ANY question

I was wondering how the tutors would manage a small group of children and all of their varying subject questions.  The children all had different work the needed to get done during the session.

To my pleasant surprise, the tutors never wavered in their confidence to help each child.  I also noted that both tutors would consistently check on each child in their session to ask how he/she was doing and whether they needed help on whatever math problem or schoolwork they were on at the moment.

NH Tutors keep parents in the loop

I can confidently do my own work during a tutoring session knowing my children are taken care of academically.  I do not have to sit in on the sessions to make sure my children are getting things done or that I know they are getting the help that they need.

Both of the girls’ tutors emailed me a report on my children after the sessions.  Each tutor shared what my child worked on and how the tutor helped them out.  I was confident that I could just focus on my work while my kids were online with their tutors.

NH Tutors is not cost prohibitive

With group sessions being priced at $35, and private sessions as low as $56.25, NH Tutors is a viable option for tutoring.  Add to that that these are experienced educators, and the value is amazing.

Safe and contact-free tutoring

NH Tutors is a wonderful option for receiving tutoring during the Covid pandemic.  I do not have to worry about my child being in close contact with someone outside of our household.  Both of my girls can receive high quality tutoring in the comfort of their own home.

No driving!

One of the biggest hurdles with tutoring is arranging to get your child to a center or other location to receive tutoring.  Using NH Tutor for my children takes out the stress of having to change around my schedule to drive my child to and from their tutoring session.

Quick Facts:



Tutor Session Types:

Sign your child up for a session tailored to their needs.

  • Group Accountability Sessions: Tutors will help your child get required work done.  Tutors answer questions and help develop study skills.  Price: regular $35 per 50-minute session, first session FREE with code FIRST 
  • One-on-One Tutoring: These sessions provide private, individual attention for your student.   Price: regular $75 per 50 minute session, Discount $56.25 per 50 minute session.
  • Learning Pods (coming soon): For small groups of children learning the same material.

Sign up on the at NH Tutor’s website:

  • Select your session based on your child’s grade level.
  • There is more than one tutor for session types.  Get your child involved in choosing the right tutor and session type for their needs.

What are you waiting for?

I wish you and your family health and success during this time of distance learning.  NH Tutors is a wonderful resource for parents that would like a helping hand for their kids’ academic success.  Quality help is attainable and can still be affordable!

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