Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

Have you ever met an ostrich?  How about an emu?  If the answer is no, you might want to head over to Ostrichland USA after you drive through Solvang!  Check out our experience meeting these beautiful big creatures during a recent road trip.

Girls in front of entrance picture- Ostrichland USA

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If you are looking for something different to do this weekend, I have an idea for you!  Go visit some ostriches and emus!  😉  We stopped at Ostrichland USA during our Epic Road Trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco last spring break.

Ostrichland is located just a short drive outside of Solvang Danish Village.  If you aren’t paying attention, you might miss Ostrichland USA like we did! (Psst!  Make sure you check out our post about visiting Solvang Danish Village HERE.)

Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

Head in to the little gift shop area where you can purchase general admission tickets.  Admission for kids 12 and under costs $2, while everyone else pays $5.  If you want to feed the ostriches and emus, you’ll want to purchase at least one bowl per person that wants to feed the animals for $1.

Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

Be sure to take some fun pictures on your way to the fields!

Girl in cutout picture- Ostrichland USA

How do I feed them?

The ostriches and emus are located in big, lush open fields.  But don’t worry, they are all behind a fence.  They’re not going to be just walking up to you.

Ostriches in a field-Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip DetourOstrich walking around at Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

So…just a bit of warning…ostriches and emus can be pretty big.  According to the Ostrichland USA website, Ostriches can grow to be up to 8 or 9 feet tall.  They are big!  This has nothing to do with feeding them other than I think you need to be mentally prepared for their amazing size. 😀

Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

Make sure that you hold the bowl handle at arm’s length while feeding the ostriches and emus.  They can AND WILL stick their necks out through the fence gaps and grab the food.  They caught us off guard initially.  I’m sure you don’t want to get accidentally pecked 😀

Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

Girl feeding animals at Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

If you are a little hesitant to feed the ostriches and emus like someone I know…

Man and girl feeding animals-Ostrichland USA
“Here sweetie, let me help you feed them.”
Kid walking away from feeding animals-Ostrichland USA
“Forget THIS! I’m out!”
Girl at Ostrichland USA
Seriously? I’d rather just watch…

You can always watch others feed the ostriches.  You can also claim that you have to take pictures…like I did 😊

Man feeding animals while taking pictures-Ostrichland USA

It’s fun to just observe

We had a ball watching them run through the fields, spread out their wings, and just looking at their interesting body structure.

Check out those "feet"-Ostrichland USA
Check out those toes!
Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour
This guy was eyeing us…hard!
Taking a rest-Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour
That’s an interesting way to rest.
Looking behind at Ostrichland USA
Who goes there?!

Ostrich walking- Ostrichland USA: A Fun Road Trip Detour

If you take a day trip to Solvang, be sure to add Ostrichland USA to your itinerary for the day.  I promise it is an experience you won’t forget!  Be sure to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on more ideas for local fun and travel!

Quick Facts:

Admission Cost: General admission: $5, 12 and under: $2

Feeding cost: $1 per bowl

Hours: Open 7 days a week, “9am to dusk.”  Call before driving out.  Holidays and available daylight determine the hours.

Website: Ostrichland USA Website

Address: 610 E Highway 246
Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 686-9696

Fun Ostrich facts: Ostrichland USA Fun Facts

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