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Rainy Day Guide: 35 Ways to Entertain Kids

They say it never rains in Southern California.  Except…sometimes it does!  What do you do when your kids start going stir crazy because the weather prevents them from burning off energy running outside?  Read on for our list of 35 ways to entertain your kids on a rainy day!Rainy Day Guide

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Leave the House

If you just can’t stand staying indoors one more minute, this section of the list will give you some ideas to get out of the house while keeping everyone toasty warm.

1. Go the the library.

 If you’re lucky, there will be an age appropriate activity or story time taking place!  Be sure to check your local library listings online.Rainy Day Activities

You can also head to a local bookstore.  We had a great time in Downtown LA.  Read all about it: SoCal Day Trip: The Last Bookstore and Chinatown

2. Let’s go to the mall!

My kids love going to the mall to grab soft pretzels and people watch.  If you have a Disney Store in your mall, check to see if they will be having any events that day.  You have to contact your local store directly for specific days and times, however you can find a sample list of Disney events HERE.Rainy Day Fun- Hang out at the mall

3. Check out new blockbusters.

Check out a fun kid movie at the theater and share a tub of popcorn.  How can you go wrong?

4. Head out to a local indoor playground.

Some ideas that come to mind: Adventure Plex, Under the Sea, Giggles and Hugs, Twinkle Twinkle Café, McDonald’s Play Place.

5. Take the gang to an indoor jump park.

If you prefer trampolines, head to Sky Zone.  If bouncy houses are more your jam, head to Pump It Up or Scooter’s Jungle.Rainy Day Fun- indoor playgrounds

6. Ditch the home console and head to the arcade!

Yes, they still exist.

7. Race cars at an indoor race track.

Make sure to check out height and age requirements before heading to one of these with the kids.

8. Let little ones feel grown-up at Pretend City.

This place is great for the preschool and toddler age group.

9. Craft it up!

Go to the craft store and pick up little craft sets that are age appropriate.  Or, have the kids pick out a project and work on it as a team.

10. Take the kids to a museum.

Some great choices are The Los Angeles Natural History Museum, The California Science Center, Discovery Cube, and The Skirball Cultural Center.  Be sure to check out our post on how to get FREE admission to Los Angeles museums: Experience Los Angeles Museums for FREE!

11. Head to the aquarium.

I highly recommend that you visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.  All ages will enjoy this outing.  Read all about my family’s experience at the Aquarium of the Pacific: Aquarium of the Pacific: 4 Reasons To VisitAquarium of the Pacific: 4 Reasons to Visit

12. Discover the Dollar Store.

Have the kids pick out a toy or pick a book.  My kids love to make a dollar store challenge: Find stuff to make a craft, find a gift for sibling, etc.Rainy Day Fun- Dollar store outing

13. Sing in the rain.

Throw on a rain coat and rain boots and jump in puddles

14. Head to the coffee shop.

Go to a local coffee shop to people watch and grab some warm drinks

15. Enjoy a baked treat.

Go to a local bakery for treats and warm drinks.Rainy Day fun

Stay Indoors

If you don’t want to leave the house, check out our ideas here!

16. Throw a dance party!  

Stream some music and throw a dance party. Up the fun factor with some disco lights and neon/glow in the dark items.

While you’re at it, why not make it an 80’s theme?  My kid’s had a blast throwing an 80’s birthday bash not long ago.  Check it out here: How To Throw a Totally Rad 80’s Party!

17. Make vision boards.

This might be a hard concept to get across to younger kids.  Either way, I think it’s a great way to teach kids about setting goals and dreaming big!

18. Play indoor games with your kids.

See our post for some indoor game ideas: Summer and Class Party Games Guaranteed to Make Kids Smile!Cheeseball Straw game finish


19. Throw a movie and popcorn party.

Check out our list of  The Ultimate List of Adult-Friendly Kid Movies  Google some fun popcorn recipes and make them together.  You can even dress up to match the theme of the movie you’re watching! Grabbing a seat and popcorn, getting ready to watch ALPHA.

20. Make a hot chocolate bar.

Similar to the popcorn idea, you can look up different hot chocolate concoctions.

21. Create your own play tent city.

One of our favorite things to do when my girls were smaller was to connect multiple indoor play tents.  Even our dog Jackson loved this!

22. Bake up some fun!

cold, dark day is the perfect time to bake.  There is just something magical about throwing on aprons and hanging out with each other in the kitchen.
Rainy Day Fun- Bake with the kids!

23. Enjoy a Spa Day.

You can do manicures, pedicures, face masks, makeovers, etc.  Check out our Ant Man and the Wasp, Moana, and Beauty and the Beast inspired DIY manicures!Disney Moana Inspired DIY Manicures

24. Play hair salon.

This one is a favorite in my house!   Check out our DIY Beauty and the Beast Hair style: Beauty and the Beast Inspired Hair and Nail DIYsBelle Hair

25. Go old school and play board games.

26. Make and or play with play dough.

27. Declare a video game tournament.

If you prefer that the kids be active, throw on a game like “Just Dance.”

28. Have the kids help make a gourmet dinner, with pretty table settings and all.

Dress up to up the fun factor.Rainy Day Fun- Hang out at the mall

29.  Make slime.

You can use a kit, or find recipes online that use products you can find in your home.

30. Play Marie Kondo and tidy up.

Encourage your kids to donate toys they no longer want to kids that can enjoy them.

31. Have the kids put on a theatrical show.

The kids can perform magic, a play, or make a “movie.”

32. Encourage musical performances.

Have the kids put on a recital if they play music instruments, or take dance classes.

Rainy Day Fun- Hang out at the mall
Polynesian dance performance first, piano recital next 😉

33. Build a LEGO set.

Do you have several LEGO sets that you don’t want to take apart?  Check out our LEGO set storage DIY: LEGO Set Storage DIY for Frustrated ParentsLEGO Storage DIY Solution for Frustrated Parents

34. Try something new together.

Head over to You Tube and try out kid-friendly yoga or Zumba classes.

35. Design and create a fairy garden.

Check out Fairy Garden: How to Build Your Own!Rainy Day fun-Fairy Pond

Have you found something to entertain yourself and the kids on a rainy (or sick!) day? 

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