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SoCal Day Trip: Rosie’s Dog Beach and Open Sesame

We recently took a SoCal Day Trip to Rosie’s Dog Beach and Open Sesame.  Our boy Jackson really needed a fun trip outside of the house after a week of not feeling well.  The family wanted to enjoy an outing where all family members could participate, and this one did not disappoint!  Be sure to read our tips for visiting Rosie’s Dog Beach at the end of this post!

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SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Family walking with dog

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie’s Dog Beach is a 4 acre beach located in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach, California.  You’ll find the beach on Ocean Avenue, between Granada Avenue and Roycroft Avenue.  The beach is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  If you bring more than one dog, make sure that there is one adult present for every dog.

We took our SoCal Day Trip to Rosie’s Beach on a Sunday and found that there was plenty of parking.  If you are lucky, you can find free parking on the street.  However, there is also a parking lot with meter parking that is right off of the sand.  We parked in the Granada Lot and were happy to find that we could pay with a card.

Mr. Jackson has been to the beach before and appeared to recognize the smell of ocean air pretty immediately!  Jackson was yanking on his leash to be let go as soon as his paws touched sand.  However, we couldn’t let him go until we had reached the designated border for the dog beach.  Dogs are only allowed to be in the designated dog zone and beach paths.

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-unleashed dog running to the ocean

Some things you should know…

Don’t be surprised when you throw a ball and your dog is not the one to retrieve it.  Sometimes half of the fun is watching a rascal dog keep the ball away from your dog so that they will play with them.

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Dog trying to make friends at the beach
This dog kept running circles around Jackson trying to make a new buddy.

We were shocked to look toward the ocean and find that there were not one, but two people swimming along the shoreline with their dogs!  This was a new one for us!  These dogs were wearing life vests and were just happily swimming along right next to their person.  Check out the video here!

I honestly think the life vest is a great idea if you are going bring your dog to the beach often and are worried about their swimming ability.

While there, we also found that a dog was hungry and looking for some food.  He was sticking his snout into unzipped cooler bags while his person yelled at him to stop.  It was pretty hilarious, but also taught me to make sure to bring closed containers to the dog beach.

Even though it was hot outside, we noticed that Jackson started shaking after jumping in the ocean water a few times.  We realized that he was getting cold with the ocean breeze and decided it was time to go.

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Wet dog sitting in the sand

Open Sesame: Friendly for ALL family members

Everyone was starving after the dog beach.  We headed over to Belmont Shore where there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants with patio seating.

We stopped in at one of my favorite restaurants: Open Sesame.  This is Mediterranean style food.  Jackson got to sit outside on the patio with us as we enjoyed the fresh air.

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Family ordering at Open Sesame Restaurant
We were happy that Jackson could join us at the restaurant.

We ordered the fried potato appetizer, which is a popular item on the menu.

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-PotatoesIt has lemon juice, garlic, and cilantro- three of my household’s favorite flavors.  If you go to Open Sesame, you must try it.

My kids and I love the Chicken Tawook plate and split two of them among the three of us.

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Chicken Tawook

Their dad ordered the Beef Shawarma and said it was excellent.

SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Beef Shawarma

Jackson had the chicken we were unable to finish, along with some pita bread.  Check out my boy eating like a gentleman here!  The waitress was kind enough to bring him a disposable container with water.  I told you they were dog-friendly!

Tips for visiting Rosie’s Dog Beach:

We made note of some things that others might want to know when visiting Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Regarding safety at Rosie’s Dog Beach:

Consider a life vest

If you’re worried about your dog going far into the ocean and are not sure that he/she can swim very well, you can buy a life vest for your dog. I saw quite a few dogs with life vests in the water at Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Don’t take aggressive dogs

Make sure that your dog is friendly around other dogs and people. This is an absolute must!  You are legally liable if your dog causes injuries at Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Some Basic rules you’re required to follow:

Hold that leash!

Keep your dog on the leash until you are at the clearly marked space for Rosie’s Dog Beach.  There are dog shaped metal cutouts in a line that delineate the border of the dog beach.  Don’t let your dog off leash until you have reached that boundary.

Age and health

Only licensed, fully-vaccinated dogs 4 months old and older are allowed at Rosie’s Dog Beach.

For your comfort:

Go at home

Bathrooms at the beach are pretty gross inside. I recommend you try to avoid using them.

Take at least 2 towels

Take two towels to the beach.  Use one towel so that you can dry your dog when they get wet.  Save the other towel for your dog to sit on when you get back in the car.

Put your food in closed containers

There was a dog trying to get into another person’s food bag when they were away from their spot.  They left their bag unzipped…and you can imagine what happened.

Take a tall chair

Use a tall chair, like a camping chair, if you want to be a little higher than the dogs. We sat on a blanket and had plenty of dogs coming over for a pet.  We were fine and loved it.  However, if you are worried about another dog getting up in your face for a pet (and they will!), you’ll want a seat that is higher off of the ground.

Take an umbrella, hat, and sunblock

We forgot 2 out of 3 and it was a little painful after a while!

Take water for everyone

Make sure your dog has a container they can drink water from.  As you can imagine, a bunch of sand gets in their mouths as they play ball and run around the beach.SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Dog with sandy nose.

Dress appropriately

Wear something that you don’t mind getting wet. You might wind up having to jump into the water even if you don’t want to do so.  We once saw an owner have to jump into the ocean because their dog wouldn’t stop swimming!  Of course, there’s also the issue of dogs shaking out every time they get wet.SoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Wet dog running across the sandSoCal Day Trip Rosie's Dog Beach-Wet dog shaking off water in the sand

Take flip flops with you

I have not had a problem with this yet, but since you are on a dog beach…you want to avoid stepping in any surprises if you know what I mean.  Most owners are very respectful and pick up after their dogs.  However, sometimes the dogs can be pretty sneaky about going to the bathroom when their owner is not looking.

Take your fully charged phone with you

I guarantee that you will want to capture your dog’s visit to Rosie’s Dog Beach 😉

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