Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Centerpiece

I think that a sunflower and buffalo plaid centerpiece evokes the Fall season just as well as pumpkins!  I have put together a super simple DIY for a sunflower and buffalo plaid centerpiece.  This centerpiece will pair nicely with the Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Tablescape I shared in a previous post.

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What supplies do I need?

The supplies needed for this DIY are basic supplies you can find at the local craft store.  If you make these sorts of projects year-round, you’ll find that items such as floral foam are worth buying a few at a time as you’ll always have use for them 😉

You’ll need the following:

  • A round wooden basket.
  • Sunflowers (I used faux)
  • Floral foam (soft)
  • Ribbon (burlap lace and plaid)
  • Hot glue gun and glue

How do I make this?

As long as you know how to squeeze the trigger on a glue gun and or tie your shoe laces, you can definitely make this basket full of sunflowers!

Step 1: Hot glue ribbon onto the basket.

I decided to add plaid ribbon at the top, and lace/burlap like ribbon in the center.

Be sure to decide which side of the basket is “the back” and place the finished (aka cut) ends in that location of the basket.

Alternatively, you could make a bow, and then hot glue the bow on top of spot where both ends of the ribbon will meet.

Step 2: Hot glue floral foam to bottom of the basket.

Step 3: Cut each sunflower stem down to size.  Then, start pushing sunflower stems into the foam block at a diagonal.  Start on the outside, then fill in the middle.

Tip: Be sure to save the leaves on each stem!  I found that there was still quite a big of space between my sunflowers (and therefore you could see the foam and bottom of the basket.  My solution?  Strategically place some left over leaves in the empty spaces so that the “bouquet” looks full.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Place this sunflower and buffalo plaid centerpiece at the center of your sunflower and buffalo plaid tablescape.  This centerpiece pulls together the super simple DIY Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Tablescape easily.

You can also use a versatile decorative birdcage to pull together a super simple Sunflower birdcage.

Find the ridiculously simple DIY steps for this birdcage by heading to this post :Sunflower Birdcage DIY for Fall!


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