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Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Tablescape

Get in the Fall spirit with a sunflower and buffalo plaid tablescape!  This tablescape is easy to throw together and makes eating at home an experience.

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Who says Fall is only about pumpkins?

Is it just me, or does the combination of sunflower and buffalo plaid just scream fall to you?  I think that sunflowers and plaid just might be my new pineapple.  If you didn’t know, I LOVE everything pineapple 😉

I was looking for something different from pumpkins this year.  If you are a big pumpkin fan, then check out the tablescape I made last fall: Simply Elegant Fall Tablescape

Simply Elegant Fall Tablescape

I decided to get out of my Corona virus stay at home rut and add some cheer to our table.  A pretty table welcomes the family to dinner and gives the same feel as going to a restaurant.  I know, you still have to cook and clean the dishes, but beggars can’t be choosers!

What will I need?

As always, I wanted this table setup to be simple and easy to set up.  If for any reason you feel that making the basket centerpiece is too much work right now, I suggest grabbing a few mason jars and putting some sunflowers in those.  I seriously considered it, but the desire to craft was strong the day I made it.

For the table you’ll need:

  • A tablecloth.  I chose black because I felt it made the table setup pop nicer than with a white cloth.
  • Sunflowers- faux or real.  I opted for faux because I want to keep the table set up for a while.  You will only need four if you opt not to make the basket centerpiece.
  • Clear glass plates, bowls, and glasses.
  • Napkins
  • Napkin rings
  • Plaid ribbon (black and white)
  • Hot glue gun and stick.

How do I throw this look together?

Step 1: Place chargers that add a rustic touch.

I have seen these at craft stores and home stores.  I was lucky enough to find these at a local dollar store, believe it or not!  Otherwise, I found similar chargers available on Amazon such as this one:

Step 2: Add sunflower heads to the center of each charger.

I used faux sun flowers that I found at Michaels.  I purchased the “large” sunflowers.

Pop off the sunflower stem from the head (aka, just pull it off 😉 and place on the center of the charger plate.  Super easy, right?

Step 3: Place a clear plate and or bowl atop each sunflower and charger.

Simply place the dishes on top of the charger.

Note: Sunflowers have large heads.  This means that I had to balance the plate upon the plate.  I am not sure if it would have been any different had I used live sunflowers.  In any case, I plan to just remove the sunflowers before we serve food if it becomes an issue.

Step 4: Add DIY napkin plaid napkin rings with napkins.

If you know how to press a glue gun trigger, you can craft!

Simply place a dot of hot glue on the napkin ring, stick one end of the plaid ribbon on, and wrap around.  Cut off the ribbon, with a little room to spare.  I like to finish off the edge by folding the edge of the ribbon, then gluing it to the ring.  Wasn’t that simple?


Step 5: Add glasses, centerpiece, and birdcage for final touches.

I grabbed some clear glasses to match with the glasses and bowls and further highlight the sunflower and buffalo plaid look.

Do you like the floral basket and birdcage decor?

If you’d like to make the basket centerpiece and coordinating Sunflower birdcage, be sure to head over to my Sunflower and Buffalo Plaid Centerpiece and Sunflower Birdcage DIY for Fall!

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