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Super Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Do you want a cute Christmas Centerpiece that does not require you to be Martha Stewart?  Take a look at our Super Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece!  One of my favorite things about this centerpiece is that most of the items can be reused for other projects throughout the year.

Super Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece


I really wanted to use a wooden slab and a glass cloche for this Christmas Centerpiece.  It took me a while to find a wooden slab that was durable.  I wanted to purchase sturdy pieces so that I could use them throughout the year for other purposes.  Check out the Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece I made using the same wooden slab!

I got the products for my Christmas Centerpiece at local stores, but you can find similar items on Amazon.  I have linked some items for you here.

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  This website might earn a commission from purchases made through these links.

Things you will need:

  • Cloche
  • Miniature trees
  • Miniature home(s)
  • Snow blanket/white material
  • Fairy lights


You want to keep scale in mind when selecting items for your scene.  I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t do a good job of this.  I didn’t really realize I was going to make this and bought pieces separately on different shopping trips.  One day the idea came to me and I thought it would be a great idea.  Well…my little red truck was twice as big as the miniature house, etc.  If you buy off of Amazon, be sure to take a good look at the measurements of the items that you are buying!

Put it all together!

  1. Place the “snow” material on the base of the cloche.
  2. Place your miniature figurines on top of the snow.  Make sure that the “scene” will comfortably fit under the cloche.
  3. Place fairy light around the base of the scene.  Be sure to hide the battery pack under the fabric snow.
  4. If there is space, you can place miniature pine cones, bells, or any other decoration along the exposed base of the cloche.


That is it!   Place your Christmas Centerpiece on a table and turn on the lights.  It is really fun to place in the living room and have soft lighting at night.


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