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The Most Dino-Mite Drive-Thru of 2021!

You Are you looking for a Dino-Mite Drive Thru in 2021?  Then look no further.  Jurassic Quest is your answer!  Here we share what you can expect to find at Jurassic Quest as it stomps through Southern California this 2021.

This post is hosted by Jurassic Quest.  This site received tickets in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions shared here are honest and my own.  This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  A SoCal Way of Life earns a commission on all qualifying purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

Why is Jurassic Quest the most Dino-Mite Drive-Thru of 2021?

There is no doubt that drive-thru experiences have become the new norm during the pandemic.  Each drive-thru must claim something special to attract crowds.  Jurassic Quest’s claim to fame is the huge selection of animatronic dinosaur replicas to be seen as you drive thru.

Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru features over 70 life-like dinosaurs.  As a result, Jurassic Quest is undoubtedly a dinosaur lover’s dream drive thru!

So, I’ll just be looking at dinosaurs without any clue what they are?

Um, NO!  This dino-mite drive-thru has an accompanying audio tour component to guide you as you pass by each installation.  Therefore, you are learning about the different dinosaurs as you drive past them.  There are sandwich boards that tell you when to start and stop the audio tour.  This is very well planned out and makes the drive-thru more engaging.

Cheesy jokes are sprinkled throughout the audio tour.  As a result, the tour is more fun to and engaging for all in the car.

Will my kids be scared?

Absolutely not!  I saw plenty of little faces completely mesmerized and hanging out their car windows smiling and excited by dinos.  The dinos blink their eyes, swing their tails, move their “arms” and roar.

Any tips for people going?

I do have a few tips to share based upon our experience.

  • Reserve your tickets before heading out.  Tickets for the event were already sold out the first day!  So, save yourself a trip out by ensuring that you purchase your ticket online in advance.
  • Fill up your gas tank.  It took us about an hour to roll through the drive through.  There are two lanes heading the same direction.  As a result, this is the most efficiently run drive-thru I’ve attended to date!  However, it was still busy.  I would definitely not want to chance running out of gas!
  • Have everyone use the restroom first.  This drive-thru is about an hour long experience.  Between drive time to and from the event, plus the drive-thru itself, it’s best to take care of business before leaving home.  Porta potties are available on site and distributed throughout the drive-thru (another first for us!).
  • Have everyone take a mask.  Everyone must wear a mask when windows are rolled down.
  • Take two phones if you are able.  Use one phone to take pictures, and the other phone to stream the audio tour.
  • Take a car with a sunroof if you have one!  No matter how clean your car is, there is always a streak or spot.  As a result, your pictures might not turn out that great.  Instead, I recommend using a selfie stick to poke out of the sunroof and grab some great, clear shots of the dino-mite drive-thru!
  • Be prepared for the retail drive-thru option at the end.  The end of the drive-thru includes a drive thru shop.  This shop is a dinosaur lover’s dream.  I am sure that little ones will go crazy for this.  I thought it was an excellent chance to pick up birthday gifts for friends.  By the way, there are no cash transactions on site.

Some basic rules you should know:

There are a few basic rules that you should know before heading out.

  1. You MUST be in a vehicle to participate in the Jurassic Quest drive-thru.
  2. There are NO CASH transactions on site.
  3. Attendees MUST purchase tickets online at the Jurassic Quest website.
  4. Passengers may NOT ride in truck beds.
  5. You may not pull trailers in the drive-thru.
  6. Large passenger vehicles of 9-15 people must purchase a large vehicle ticket.  Large vehicles must be less than 25 feet long and 10 feet high.

Quick Facts about Jurassic Quest:


Jurassic Quest Website


  • $49 per vehicle.
  • $80 for passenger vehicles that seat 9 to 15 passengers.


You can purchase Quest packs at an additional cost.  The following are available:

  • Explorer pack: $15
  • Tracker pack: $25
  • Trainer pack: $50

Head over to Jurassic Quest site for more details about the add-on packages and what they include.

Locations and Dates:

  • Pasadena, California: Rose Bowl Stadium, January 15-31
  • Costa Mesa, California: OC Fair and Event Center, February 5-14
  • Pomona, California: Pomona Fairplex, February 19-28
  • San Diego, California: Del Mar Fairgrounds, March 26-April 4

*Find more dates and locations HERE.

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