The Royal Wedding: 5 Fun Family Viewing Ideas

The Royal  Wedding is almost here!  For many, this is an opportunity to hang out and see how the other half lives.  Why not make it a memorable experience for you and your kids?  My oldest still talks about the fun we had watching Will and Kate get married!

Having fun watching the wedding with your kids doesn’t have to be a royal pain (see what I did there?)  Below, I share 5 easy tips to immerse yourselves in the day.

Tip#1: Pull out the tea cups!

Now is the time to pull out those tea cups!  If you don’t have tea cups, go ahead and pull out the china you received from your wedding and never used.  Another idea is to use your kids’ own pretend tea cups.   They will think it’s awesome!

If your kids are not fans of drinking tea (like mine), try for chocolate or strawberry flavored milk.

Tea cups and tea cup
Alice in Wonderland tea cups and tea pot.


Tip #2: Find miniature and finger foods!

At first, you’re thinking, “What are you talking about?  Where am I supposed to find miniature food?”  You would be surprised how easy it is to find.  Trader Joe’s sells mini scones, possibly Target as well.  You can serve:

  • cut up fruit
  • chocolate dipped strawberries
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that you cut in fourths
  • Oreos
  • Cupcakes
  • Shortbread cookies
  • The opportunities are endless!

Tip #3: Elevate your food for understated elegance

Do you have a tiered plate you only use for parties?  Take that puppy out of the cupboard!  The kids will get a real kick out of it and feel like they are at a fancy tea party.

Tiered Plate
Tiered Plate: This one is from IKEA.

What’s that?  You don’t have a tiered plate?  Don’t worry, I’ve got another idea!  Take a glass, flip it upside down, and place a plate on top.  Here’s an example:

Elevated plate: Plate on overturned glass.
Overturned wine glass with plate on top.

Place the food on the elevated plates, and you’re all set!

Tip #4: Decorate with garden or faux flowers

If you have a garden, cut a few flowers and place them in a mason jar or two with water.  If you’re allergic, take some faux flowers and do the same (minus the water of course).

Tip #5: Dress for the occasion!

If you have little girls around, I’m sure you have a crown lying around.  If not, you can always make one out of construction paper.  You throw on a cute dress or have your little one put on one of their dress up outfits.

Another fun idea: My girls like to tie a blanket (or long material) around their waist and pretend they are wearing a long train.  They got this idea from Fancy Nancy 😉

Princess dress
Princess dress from our collection that is still in tact.


I hope that you and your family enjoy watching the royal wedding and making some fun memories together.

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  1. Nice ideas and I love those hacks for a fun party!! Those kids are smart to keep princess gowns and tiaras.

  2. A viewing party is such a cute idea! What a fun memory to make with the kids. I love the elevated plates using wine glasses. You could do some really neat things with that at any party. *Mind is racing*

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