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Valentine Heart Cruiser DIY

If you’re looking for a sweet Valentine craft to make, check out our Valentine Heart Cruiser DIY!  This is so easy, even the craft-challenged can do it!

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I was in the mood to make a little Valentine decor for my house without going overboard.  I love this Valentine Heart Cruiser DIY craft because it can be easily taken apart and used for another craft project in the future.  Or…the pot be used all on it’s own with just a plant and no decoration at all 😉

This Valentine Heart Cruiser DIY craft is so easy that it does not even require a glue gun!  Not that glue guns are difficult.  But seriously, one less step and thing to clean up.

Supplies Needed:

This list of items is relatively easy to find.  Even if you do not find a bicycle shaped planter, you can make the same craft with a regular pot.  If you haven’t noticed from this website’s logo, I kind of have a love for bicycle cruisers!

Side note: I included a glue gun in this picture.  However, it turns out the paper straws were strong enough to pierce through the foam without breaking 😉

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bicycle shaped planter (I found mine at Target Bullseye’s Playground)
  • Heart shaped felt stickers
  • Paper straws
  • Floral foam that will fit into the planter
  • Faux flower petals or flowers

Let’s make a Valentine Heart Cruiser!

Once you gather all of the items needed, this project comes together very quickly.

Step 1: Place foam in the planter.  If the foam does not fit well or is not stable, you can add some hot glue on the bottom of the foam so that it stands upright in the planter.

Step 2: Stick two heart stickers on the tip of a straw, back to back.  I did this so that the project would look complete from any angle.

Note: I wound up pushing the sticky backs together.  It looks better that way, in my opinion.

Step 3: Start sticking the hearts in at varying heights into the foam.  I pushed the straws into the foam at an angle rather than straight up and down.  I wound up cutting some straws in half to make the shorter sticks.

Step 4: Use left over straw scraps to make matching handlebars for the Valentine Heart Cruiser.  I also had two extra heart stickers and wound up pulling off the centers to add hearts to the center spokes of the bicycle wheels.

Step 5: Place faux flowers or flower petals in the planters to fill in empty space between the foam, planter, and hearts.  I was going to use faux roses, but they wound up being to big for this project.  Luckily, I am a craft supply hoarder and found the perfect solution: faux flower petals 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope that you enjoy making this little Valentine Heart Cruiser DIY as much as I did!  Seeing this little touch of Valentine decor brings me joy.

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