Non-Chocolate Valentine’s Gift Ideas!

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Gift Idea that does NOT involve chocolate?  Maybe your loved one has dietary restrictions or you just don’t want to give the standard roses and chocolate.  Look no further!  Here are some Valentine’s gifts that do not involve delicious wonderful chocolate 😉

Valentine's Gift Ideas
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My husband and I love movies.  We watched quite a few when we were dating.  Who am I kidding?  We still love to watch movies.  However, some movies simply touch you in a certain way, or trigger a memory for you.

When picking a movie to gift a loved one, focus on one that you know has special meaning to them.  Even if does not have special meaning for you as a couple, gifting one you know the person loves and has a special memory associated with it shows that you listen to them.

An obvious choice?  A movie that you watched on your first (or a special) date!

Here are links to some movie ideas.  And don’t judge…these are classic drama and rom-com movies that have broad appeal 😀

Beauty Lover

BoxyCharm Subscription:  This is a great gift for someone that loves beauty supplies.  I just started this subscription and absolutely love it!  I much prefer a box like this over a box of chocolates…and that’s saying a lot!  You can join by clicking HERE.

Mani/Pedi: How about a visit to get a manicure and pedicure?  Just be sure that your person would enjoy this before forking out the cash for a gift card.

Blodry Bar: A visit to a blodry bar would be a great treat.  These locations specialize in giving a glam hairstyle for a special night out.  Maybe set it up so that they get their hair done the right before your special date.  Check out our Valentine’s Day Date Ideas HERE.

Edible Arrangement

If you want to give an edible gift but prefer not to give chocolate, how about an edible arrangement?  There are all sorts of arrangements available on the market.   A popular one is fruit arrangements.

Book Lover

If you have a book lover on your hands, a few gifts that would be great include:

A Kindle: They have many variations (and even for kids!), so be sure to read closely what the distinctions are (paper white vs. fire, etc.).  You can find a link to the best selling model below:

Audible subscription: This subscription allows you to listen to audio books.  See the link below:

Music Lover

CD/Album: My husband has gotten me cd’s twice for gifts.  One was a New Kids On the Block (NKOTB) greatest hits cd, the other was the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack.  These were SO unexpected, made me crack up, and I absolutely LOVED them!

Sheet Music: If your loved one plays an instrument, they might like some sheet music.  I personally love and recommend the LaLa Land sheet music!

Amazon Music Subscription: Unlimited music at their fingertips!

Alexa: I love Alexa because I can ask her to play a song on the spot and she’ll start playing the song for me immediately.  My husband gave me this gift and it is one of my favorites to date!

Super Hero/Fantasy Fun Items

Random (yet thoughtful) Gifts

Swiss Army Knife: I know, this seems bizarre.  But my husband gifted this to me one year and it wound up being the best gift ever!  I didn’t realize at the time that he was really thinking about taking care of me and the utility of it.  If you are a guy and want to gift this to your lady, a couple of things: 1) Get one with a cute design; and 2) Give her a gift card or a nice dinner in addition to this gift. 😉

Digital Picture Frame:  This gift is amazing if you make sure to load it with meaningful pictures prior to gifting it!  This is another very thoughtful gift I received from the hubby and I was blown away by the idea.  He really did a great job of selecting the pictures too.

Smores Kit: This is a fun gift because it’s something that you can do together in the great outdoors!

Did you find gift ideas here that might work out for this Valentine’s Day?  We would love to hear any ideas that you might have!

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